Why Traditional Shaving?

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But why traditional razors?

You’ll Save Money

Did you know that the average shaver spends $111 on disposable razors every year? Ouch (and that’s without shaving foam!)  A quality traditional razor will last you decades – consider it an investment. Better shaving means more saving.

You’ll Be More Sustainable

Want to do your bit to save the planet? Traditional razors are a great place to start. 163 million consumers in the U.S. bought disposable razors in 2018 – that’s a huge amount of plastic, most of which ends up in the ocean or a landfill. Bad for the environment, and your conscience.

Traditional razors are steel or zinc alloy, making for a more eco-friendly shave.

You’ll Get a Closer Shave

Traditional razors tug less on the skin, and give you more control over the blade. Result: a smoother, more comfortable shave. Look better, feel better.

You’ll Have a Classier Experience

Traditional shaving is masculine. Powerful. Classic. The razors are sleek and sharp, just like the men who use them. They’re the single malt whisky to modern plastic razors’ store-brand vodka. Have that luxury every morning (without the booze).

Safety razors are also great for women. Stop overpaying for pink plastic and try a tool that will serve you for life.

How Do I Start?

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