Proraso vs Taylor of Old Bond Street

When it comes to the best shaving soap, Proraso vs Taylor of Old Bond Street is a tough one to call.

While Taylor of Old Bond Street – often abbreviated to TOBS or TOOBS in the online shaving community – is a traditional English classic with the earthy Sandalwood as their most popular choice, Proraso offers a fresh eucalytpus soap from the favourite Italian supplier.

Proraso vs Taylor of Old Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond Street

If you’re new to wet shaving, you won’t get far without hearing about TOBS. Taylor’s are a centuries-old classic and their shaving cream is somewhere between a soft cream and a harder soap in a sturdy plastic container.

In reality their range goes far beyond sandalwood and into exotics like grapefruit and limes. But the sandalwood is always a classic. It is rich without seeming overly opulent and creates a nice lather quickly with a brush thanks to its softness.


Proraso is most renowned for its fresh eucalyptus scent which is certainly more modern and youthful.

There are plenty of wet shavers who enjoy the superior experience of wet shaving without falling for the “ol’ babershop” nostalgia that can seem excessive in the community of online forums.

Nevertheless Proraso does also provide Proraso red which is sandalwood, along with white and blue varieties.

As far as Proraso vs Taylor of Old Bond Street goes, you’ll probably notice Proraso is a little harder than TOBS thanks to its Italian hot soap process.

But overall bost brands offer fantastic quality at a great price.

If you want to know what other wet shavers think of Proraso vs Taylor of Old Bond Street, both brands have 4.5 stars on Amazon for their most popular products – Eucalyptus for Proraso and Sandalwood for TOOBs. However, Taylor of Old Bond Street at the time of writing has 10,000 reviews while Proraso only had 7,500.

That may not be the clear conclusion you wanted from Proraso vs Taylor of Old Bond Street but ultimately its probably best for you to try both and see which works better for you.

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