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Finding the best mustache wax is always difficult. While most of the shaving products we review like the best shaving soap and best safety razor often come down to what works for you.

With the best mustache wax this is even more the truth – because the best mustache wax isn’t merely a matter of scent or price.

Best Mustache Wax:

The best mustache wax is about strength and hold which both come down the unique needs of your mustache. A fine and whispy moustache may not want to be bound with a heavy mustache wax but merely shaped and kept neat by a light coat of wax.

The best mustache wax for handlebar mustaches on the other hand may need to be much firmer if your facial hair is thick and unruly.

Nevertheless despite all this varity of requirements there are some mustache wax that simply stand out above the crowd like the finely-waxed handlebar tips they support.

Don’t forget that they key to keeping your mustache in great shape is shaving around it. Check out the best safety razors and best shaving brushes to complete your routine.

Bounder Extra Firm Moustache Wax

Coming top of our list is the renowned Bounder mustache wax series from Wax Industries.  This exceptional product will give you exceptional hold all day, due to the rather unique formula that makes it perhaps the best mustache wax.  We honestly cannot do this product justice by merely reviewing it so if you enjoy keeping your moustache sharp, stiff and smelling of navy rum – get yourself a tin!

Captain Fawcett

Now we turn to a wax purveyor we ourselves have had a love/ hate relationship, Captain Fawcett has been developing products and scented moustache wax for a number of years but none so infamous as their expedition strength wax

Wonderfully deep, rich notes of Sandalwood and the natural scent of the beeswax used in this product gives it a very pleasant aroma, however less pleasant is the grapple when getting the wax out of the tin.  If you do have the skill for said extraction and successfully apply the wax to your tash then it indeed has a very good hold. We recommend Captain Fawcetts for those special occasions and not as a daily work horse.

Can You Handlebar

Here is a great company offering you mustached folks a simple choice: medium or firm hold? We love that they have streamlined the process of choosing a mustache wax that’s right for you.  Opt for their Primary mustache wax for a daily tamed tash or use their Secondary mustache wax for that sharp follicle finish.

No scents are added to these waxes which we feel is a rather bold choice however the quality of this product clearly stands out. In conclusion if you are looking for a product that takes out the hassle of buying wax, Can you handlebar gives you true “gets the job done every time” level utilitarian experience.


A newcomer that has rapidly made it into our hearts and onto the list, Tashby’s adventure proof wax so called because regardless of whatever you throw at it you can wear it all day (and night, yes we have slept with it still in and it was fine the next day!).  Made with a very wax forward recipe, this medium to firm hold wax will transport you to cafes of Paris with its pleasant waft of absinthe. 

This reasonably priced premium wax is perfectly usable in the bathroom or en route to the office and on your next big adventure.  Keep one in your pocket and let it look after all your follicle needs

Clubman Mustache Wax Review

A tubed mustache wax, this old favourite will make an excellent addition to anyone starting out in their moustache journey. 

Very simple application out of the tube and as this is a water based wax you will need to give it a little time to dry off however the hold is rather splendid.  In this Clubman mustache wax review we would highly recommend the clear version of this wax as the chestnut brown varient is heavily pigmented and requires a little bathroom clean up after use.  

Definitely the set and forget kind of wax for morning application only as this wax really is not suited for use on the move so if you are looking for an entry level wax or an older gentleman who needs to conceal the salt and pepper in that tash, this is the product for you. 

Brothers Love

Turning our attention to Germany and the best kept secret Munich has to offer for all you gents with impressive moustaches in need of a stiff dose of discipline.  We aren’t going to sugarcoat this and state that this wax isn’t for the faint hearted. Once set, this wax is incredibly stiff and is perfect for those gents in need of the tightest handlebar curl or a style set to perfection.  

Our only reservations on this product is that it’s only suitable for the moustaches of considerable length and if said tash isn’t styled to your liking once the wax has set, you will need to start over but never fear, simply wash out warm soapy water and enjoy this truly Bavarian beauty.

Apothecary 87

Another heady wax here for you, Apothecary 87 have produced a very sweet sandalwood scented wax which is perfect for the gentleman with shorter moustaches or a well tamed tash wishing to keep their hair in check.  

This would be perfect for anyone who wants to achieve that light natural look as the strong scent could cause quite the distraction if used too liberally.   In a similar fashion to Captain Fawcett’s, the glass container with it’s narrow neck may be a bone of contention for some folks but a little perseverance will serve you well as this is a truly great wax.

Mo Bro’s

The mustachioed trio of brothers as seen on Dragons Den have been gradually building their brand and have a strong following, joining forces with an impressive array of high end business including British airways, Virgin Atlantic and Next. 

Over their raise they have developed an array of different scents and products however we only gave them a 10 as even though the product has easy application and smells fine, the petroleum jelly in wax does not hold up to what a moustache goes through day to day, meaning you will need to apply multiple times.

The Brighton Beard Company

Take a trip with us now to the sea shore to visit a company that has created a product which feels more like a spa day then a grooming product.  The lovely folks at the Brighton beard company have worked tirelessly to make a grooming experience that is soothing for your mind, moustache and soul.  

There is absolutely no messing around when it comes to strength, you have firm or extra firm to choose from.  Combined with an array for exotic sense, this is a company that is big on quality and it shows. 

Dapper Devil

For all you hell raisers who like to live life on the edge I have a treat for you. The smell of Dapper Devil packs a fierce punch, be it nostril singeing cinnamon, vibrant rhubarb or peppermint you can be sure that a tin of this wax in your pocket will clear out any sinus.

Personally I think the aroma’s are top notch but a little too powerful for the more delicate olfactories although excellent every now and then.  As this is one of the lowest priced waxes on our list, it is well worth grabbing yourself a tin for those occasions when you’re feeling oh so devilish.

How To Use Mustache Wax

When it comes to how to use mustache wax it can be a lot more difficult than it looks. You may have visions of effortlessly curling a beautiful handlebar mustache but in reality this can take a lot of practice to get your technique right. Here’s how to apply mustache wax depending on what type you have.

Soft Mustache Wax

As for how to apply mustache waxes that are soft like Clubman’s mustache wax and Brother’s Love, you can simply scoop up a smaller amount of mustache wax between your finger and thumb and comb it through your mustache. You can tell if your wax is soft enough to do this, whereas if it resembles more solid beeswax read on to how to deal with harder mustache waxes.

It’s generally best to start at the tips and then work your way inwards. The tips require the most mustache wax and you don’t want clumps building under your nose. This should so for a lot of mustaches but if you want more of a handlebar with pointed tips then you should apply extra just to these areas and twist them between finger and thumb. You may actually need a harder wax for the tips.

Hard Mustache Wax

For harder waxes like Bounder and Captain Fawcett’s Expedition Strength, these have lots of beeswax in them to keep them solid under heat. To use these mustache waxes use the front of your thumbnail to carve out a small strip of wax. Then rub that bit of mustache wax between your thumb and finger.

You should feel it melt from a hard granulated consistency to more of a sticky tack. This should be applied quite sparingly in the middle of your mustache and focused more on the tips.

This stuff will literally glue your hairs together so don’t allow clumps to form in the middle and instead focus on the turning the tips into wires of bonded hair that you can start to shape. Once you have an even coat you can twist the tips between your fingers so they naturally curl upwards.

Once you’re happy with your mustache be sure to keep a tin of mustache wax with you at all times. It is rare for a mustache wax to last all day. That is especially true to of the softer waxes that tend to be more oil-based as they melt under normal body heat and moreso in warm weather.

This is less the case with harder waxes like Bounder and Captain Fawcett’s Expedition Strength. Jack Defer, the maker of Tashby took this up a notch and decided to test his own wax by wearing it on a charity parachute jump and his handlebar mustache faired admirably under his formula.

How to Make Mustache Wax DIY

If you have tried all the best mustache wax brands and want to try making your own the process is relatively simple. In essence mustache wax is a base of beeswax and some sort of softening oil. You can be all natural and use coconut oil or simply use petroleum jelly.

No need to harvest the beeswax yourself – unless you really want to…

Mustache Wax Recipe

  • Beeswax
  • Softening Oil – Almond, Coconut, Petroleum Jelly
  • Essential oil for scent

Heat the beeswax until it melts. The easiest way to make mustache wax DIY is to have your final container ready – a shoe polish tin is ideal – and heat it in a saucepan of water on a low heat.

Place your beeswax in this tin until it melts. Then add a small amount of the softening oil or petroleum jelly to the molten wax. It is how much of this you add that determines how soft the wax is. If you’re going to be scientific it might be worth measuring how exactly how many parts of oil you add per part of wax and then make individual batches so you find your best mustache wax.

If you’re not bing scientific and you find the final mustache wax is too soft or too hard then you can melt it again and simply add more of the other ingredient. More beeswax will make it harder. More oil will make it softer.

Just remember to let the wax cool fully before testing as an even slightly warm mustache wax will be much softer than the final product.

Just before you stop heating your best mustache wax recipe, add a few drops of essential oil to the mix for scent. Classic fragrances are lavender and sandalwood but you can definitely experiment – menthol and orange mustache wax anyone?

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