Best Shaving Brush: 15 Expert Picks

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The best shaving brush is both an essential and a luxury among wet shavers like us.

Editor's Pick

OneBlade x Thater Silvertip Shave Brush

Maison Lambert 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle, Horn imitation Handle Shaving Brush - FREE US SHIPPING - Perfect gift for wet shavers for christmas, birthday or fathers day!

Best Value

Maison Lambert

Best Synthetic

Supply Synthetic Silvertip

As a wet shaver you surely already know that shaving soap is superior to modern foams and a good brush is required to apply this to the face in a thick and rich lather before shaving with your favorite safety razor.

But you probably also know that finding the right brush is a challenge – trust us on that one.

Men’s grooming is a popular (not to mention profitable) market and plenty of brands happily sell you a “luxury” product for a premium price that in reality has come straight from a low quality factory.

Most people don’t know the difference.

But we do – and if you’re reading this intensively-researched guide then you probably do too.

Plenty of us have had bad experiences – with logos rubbing off handles and stiff bristles shedding straight from a new brush. It makes you feel cheap and cheated, when you’ve only just got out of bed with what then seems a vain hope of smashing your goals.

But eventually through trial and error we found the true quality products that deliver a luxurious barber-style shave every time – leaving you feeling like a champion. We gladly give you the benefit of those years of research and experience here.

Our top silvertip badger hair brush is the OneBlade x Thater Silvertip Shave Brush if you’re looking for a premium option.

The best synthetic shaving brushes are from Supply and Muhle as far as we’re concerned.

The best shaving brushes with boar bristles come from Omega and Proraso.

While you can apply shaving cream or soap to your face with your hands this tends to just be thin and wet. Shaving with a bristle brush means stirring up a luxurious thick lather with soft bristles that combines beautifully-scented shaving soaps and air with hot water. A good lather like that could be the best part of your morning from now on.

Best Shaving Brushes Top Picks

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Our Top Choice
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Supremely soft yet great backbone
  • Royal Warrant
  • Handmade in England
  • Price: $$$$
  • The Rolls Royce of shaving brushes
  • Big size
  • Super badger
Best Synthetic
  • Innovative startup
  • 60-day trial
  • Price: $$

  • Beautiful metal handle
  • Made in Germany
  • Price: $$$
  • Very soft badger
  • Large comfortable handle
  • Price: $$$$

Shaving Brush Reviews

Using the best shaving brushes is a very different experience compared to using shaving cream out of a can.

Swirling a hot shave brush across the skin opens up your pores, cleaning the face and removing dead skin. Shaving with a brush also lifts and softens the bristles of the face ready for the best shave once you have a lather.

Wet shavers like us obsess over finding the secret to a quality rich lather based on shaving cream or soap, animal hair used, technique, even the hardness of the water that can affect the lather.

OneBlade x Thater Silvertip Shave Brush

OneBlade are our favorite modern revival of traditional wet shaving with a premium single blade razor developed with superior technology and design.

For their shaving brush they collaborated with H.L. Thater, a renowned family-owned manufacturer that has made shave brushes by hand in Nuremberg, Germany, since 1913.

What you’ll find stands out about this brush is your large 24mm knot full of the finest quality silvertip bristles. These choice hairs are soft on your face for a gentle, soothing lather but still have enough backbone to whip up your hardest soaps nicely.

These are clasped by a simple olivewood handle that is minimal enough to match OneBlade’s line of high end razors like the Genesis but still classic in style to suit your Merkur or Edwin Jagger shaving set.

The modern design is a little disappointing if you like a shaving brush with a more regal appearance like Truefitt & Hill or Simpsons, but the Thater is certainly more traditional than some of OneBlade’s flagship synthetic brushes which look more like something from the Starship Enterprise.

In writing this review and revisiting the brushes we have tested and trusted, it was very difficult to decide which brush would be our top pick when Thater, Simpsons and Truefitt & Hill are so close in quality. We gave it to Thater on the grounds of the lower price and the genuine wood handle, but it remains a tight contest.

Plus, even if you don’t like it OneBlade offers a generous return policy.

Truefitt & Hill Wellington

Truefitt & Hill are legendary as a shaving brand. Established in 1805, this iconic London shop holds a Royal Warrant to supply the Duke of Edinburgh. If it’s good enough for the Queen’s husband, it is ideal for you and thankfully every one of us can own a Truefitt & Hill silvertip shaving brush. Each one is handmade in the UK.

Simpsons Chubby 2 Super Badger Brush

Simpsons Chubby Super Badger Shaving Brush (Chubby CH2 Super)

Simpsons have been made the world’s best shaving brushes since 1919 and have used the very same handmade methods ever since. You can bet many great figures of the 20th Century started their days with one of these.

The chubby series is their most iconic and you can choose between three sizes, this being the largest. You’ll find the silvertip badger bristle hairs are incredibly dense which means it has superior water retention as you lather.

The base of the brush hairs within the brush are very stiff but taper out to be much softer where they touch your face, meaning you have a workable tool that responds exactly how you want it to.

With such brush size and density it can take a while to break in this badger hair brush and soften it up but don’t forget this is a badger brush to last you a very long time. Meanwhile the handle is made from a faux ivory so you can have a heritage feel with a sustainable and ethical reality. The only thing to watch is the price tag, but that’s what you get with the best world-class shaving products.

While lathering up with a badger bristle shaving brush this size is certainly the best experience for wet shavers, you may need to upgrade your shaving mug if it’s a little small.

On the other hand the chubby 1 is made with the same Simpsons expertise but to a smaller scale.

  • World-renowned brand
  • Super badger
  • Huge size
  • High price tag for a premium product

eShave Shaving Brush

The story of eShave is fascinating. Danielle Malka had a range of jobs from fashion and marketing to hosting a TV show.

In the mid-1990s she was invited to become the US distributor for classic London shaving brand Trumper’s.

She fell in love with the process of hot water, brush and superior products for the perfect shave, even without a straight razor.

Now eShave is about refreshing classic grooming brands with a modern edge. Their silvertip badger brushes are beautifully designed with an usual long but comfortable handle.

We also love their design collection made by hand to order in brushed nickel – especially “Ceci est une Pipe Brush” based on Rene Magritte’s famous surrealist painting.

Baxter of California Silvertip Shave Brush

Baxter of California Best Badger Brush | 100% Natural Badger Hair

Baxter of California have been a popular brand since 1965, when good quality men’s grooming products were hard to come by. They continue to follow an ethos of providing good quality essentials at a fair price.

The Baxter of California shave brush is made in Germany using premium silvertip badger hair. Unlike many of the best shaving brushes, wet shavers find it is very rare to encounter much shedding of animal hair from a Baxter brush.

The loft is nicely rounded but what stands about about this shave brush is the stylish handle that features a metal base that sets it apart from the plastic “faux ivory” of many premium shaving brushes.

Mason Pearson Super Badger Shave Brush

Mason Pearson Super Badger Shave Brush

Another luxury premium option, Mason Pearson is the Rolls Royce of hairbrushes and so it is understandable that they should also produce a quality shaving brush. Mason Pearson is another one of those framily-owned heritage brands that has supplied royalty and celebrities throughout its 130-year history.

In terms of performance, shave brushes are not their biggest focus but the quality Mason Pearson shaving brush performs well nonetheless.

What stands out is the generous handle for a comfortable grip when creating a rich lather. The badger bristles are very soft bristles, which may or may not suit your preferences. It generally performs better with a softer shaving soap rather than a hard puck for a quality lather.

The shaving brush knot itself is quite small compared to others like the Simpsons Chubby 2 which is unusual considering its large handle.

Maison Lambert 100% Silvertip Badger Brush

Maison Lambert 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle, Horn imitation Handle Shaving Brush - FREE US SHIPPING - Perfect gift for wet shavers for christmas, birthday or fathers day!

Maison Lambert easily offer one of the best looking designs around with a beautiful imitation horn handle with chrome fittings. Not to be confused with Mason Pearson, Maison Lambert is a small artisanal shaving brand offering great quality for a reasonable price.

What stands out about this shaving brush is its weight at a mighty 168g/6 oz. That feels so much more satisfying than the light plastic handles we’ve grown used to that always feel a bit cheap next to the hefty best safety razor.

Mason Lambert could easily offer the best value silvertip badger brush on the market at under $100. The performance is great with a decent backbone and a knot that feels just right – neither too stiff nor too soft. Use a brush like this and you’ll find it holds plenty of hot water for a good lather and delivers fantastic service for years.

Progress Vulfix

Vulfix Super Badger Shaving Brush (660) - Ivory - Medium

Progress Vulfix are some of the oldest shaving brushes in Britain still manufacturing top of the range products. The Vulfix Old Original Shaving Brush Company was established in 1893 in Manchester.

In 2008 Vulfix actually bought Simpson’s and so together they produce top quality handmade shaving brushes. Vulfix was traditionally more of an everyday person’s shaving brush rather than the higher priced Simpsons brushes.

Vulfix animal hair shave brushes are known to have a taller loft and so tend to be much softer and floppier than most shaving brushes.

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush with Drip Stand

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush with Drip Stand, Imitation Ebony, Medium, Black

While much lower in price, Edwin Jagger offers anotherbest badger shaving brush that’s sure to satisfy. Best badger is a slightly lower grade than silvertip badger bristle but the quality is still good despite the lower price tag.

This comes with a plastic handle that is much lighter than Simpsons. Edwin Jagger have been going since 1988 but have quickly established themselves as a classic shaving brand. Match this shave brush and brush stand with one of their Edwin Jagger safety razors.

This will never match the Simpsons chubby brush, but on the other hand of price tag this offers excellent value for money.

Vikings Blade

VIKINGS BLADE 'White Knight' Luxury Shaving Brush, Heavy Steel Base + Faux Ivory Acrylic

Despite the lower price the brush feels great with a good weight and a knot that can hold plenty of hot water and lathers well. Despite the hefty Viking branding and metal-rimmed handle this is a brush that’s still gentle on the face.

Vikings Blade also do a ‘White Knight’ synthetic brush that aims to be a premium synthetic brush. This clearly matches many more expensive badger brushes proving even Vikings can be vegan!


Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle Shaving Brush (Chrome Handle) and Free Shaving Brush Stand

Parker offer a wide range of high quality brushes in a range of materials from boar to badger to synthetic. That means you will always be able to find your preference from rigid stiff boar to luxuriously soft pure badger.

Parker are an interesting wet shaving brand having started in 1973 – as proudly stamped on their products. Despite a low price for most of these they are renowned for good quality shaving products. They manufacture abroad in India but submit everything produced to rigorous testing.

It is this low price and commitment to quality that means if you use a shaving brush from Parker you are guaranteed a good experience. What stands out about Parker is the range available with lower grades of pure badger and best badger to balance out more premium options with a higher price.


Omega 63171 Stripey 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush with Stand

Omega began in Italy in 1932 manufacturing brushes for grooming and painting and so are an absolute specialist when it comes to a brush for shaving. They offer a wide range of hair types including boar and synthetic while they also cater to a wide range of budgets. Omega shaving brushes tend to be thick and dense with a lot of backbone.

Best Synthetic Shaving Brush: Cruelty-Free, Cheaper And… Better?

Finding the best synthetic shaving brush is now a very different to how it was years ago. Previously synthetic versions were hard to come by of a particularly good quality.

Today the technology has improved massively. Just as eco friendly razors have become a popular industry, vegan cruelty-free shaving brushes have been forced to catch up.

Badger hair does require the killing of the badger. What’s more, the very finest quality silvertip badger brushes use just the hairs of the neck and muzzle area, so it’s not like one badger is going to produce that many. The quality products produced has meant this ethical concern has often been tolerated for the sake of the final product.

Now though you can find the best synthetic shaving brushes that compete with the best badger originals.

Indeed the highest quality brands like Simpsons will offer their synthetic bristles alongside the finest badger hair. It’s not a case of a down