Best Safety Razor For Women: Best Women’s Razor. Save Money And Plastic

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When searching for the best women’s razor you’ll probably expect something big, plastic, pink and expensive. Not so with the best safety razor for women.

  • Long handle
  • Good grip
  • Great for ladies
  • Great value
  • Quality brand
  • Medium aggression
  • Good grip
  • Ajustable settings
  • Quality brand
  • Modern look
  • New crowdfunded brand
  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Choose your aggression level

While big razor brands have for decades got away with selling us the idea that more blades and fancy lubricated and pivoting cartridges are better and worth giving up so much money for, today is time to reject that idea.

Plastic cartridge razors are expensive, bad for the planet and give you a poor quality shave. Ironically, the best razor for women is one of the oldest designs apart from the straight razor itself.

Save Money

Safety razors offer a much better shave with only one blade which greatly reduces chances of irritation. What’s more is you will save a fortune on blades.

A pack of 10 of the best safety razor blades only costs 5 – 10 dollars or you buy a bulk pack of 100 for about 10 dollars. While the safety razor handle may cost more in the short term a good one will last a lifetime and you can reap the savings.

No Sexism

Safety razors aren’t gendered either – so you won’t be paying more for a big piece of pink plastic or a floral scent. You’ll get a simple utilitarian tool that works for everyone and you can then use your choice of luxurious shaving soap or shave butter. We at Artisan Shaving grew tired of shaving websites all about “manly barbershop scents” and “shaving like my grandpa”. Safety razors are ideal women’s razors and this can’t be overstated.

Save The Planet With The Best Eco-Friendly Razor

Have the peace of mind that you aren’t causing huge amounts of plastic pollution. Safety razors are all metal and good ones last decades. The blades hardly take up any space in transit and are recyclable.

Back in 1990 the Environmental Protection Agency reported that the US produced 2 billion disposable razors. Some 163 million consumers in the U.S. used disposable razors in 2018. Of the 260 million tons of plastic that the world produces each year, around 10% ends up in the ocean.

The Best Safety Razors For Women

Merkur 34C – The Best Women’s Razor

Merkur 34C - The Best Women's Razor

Top of the list as the best beginner safety razor and best safety razor for women is the Merkur 34C. Merkur is a highly-regarded razor manufacturer in Germany’s Solingen region. This area is a hub for world-leading blade production like Sheffield in the UK and Seki in Japan. But that quality doesn’t need to come at a great cost.

Merkur safety razors are actually great value and the Merkur 34C is no exception. It’s a perfect all-rounder with a mild shave that’s not too agressive. It is a closed comb razor which means there is a safety bar that prevents the blade from having too much skin contact. But that doesn’t mean it dosn’t shave effectively – if you’re new to safety razors you will still find the sensation alarming at first as a single blade cleanly removes hair leaving only smooth skin behind in one pass.

The safety razor is hande is quite short – which can be a disadvantage for hard to reach areas but does allow for greater mobility. Whethre its for shaving your legs or your underarms, use the natural movement of your wrist to curve around your skin using no additional pressure besides the weight of the razor.

The handled so even when you’re lathered up with wonderful slippery shave butter or soap you can still keep a firm and controlled grip. To replace the blade all you need to do is unscrew the handle and place another one into the head – meaning far fewer moving parts to go wrong like a butterfly razor.

If you do still want a more feminine touch for this best women’s razor it also comes in gold.

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Merkur Futur – A Smooth And Sleek Safety Razor For Women

Merkur Futur - A Smooth And Sleek Safety Razor For Women

Merkur has another one of the best safety razors for women in the Merkur Futur adjustable safety razor. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, an adjustable safety razor lets you adjust the aggressiveness of the safety razor by twisting the handle.

That’s great when as a woman you have different areas of shaving to consider and different levels of sensitivity. There are enough for a man shaving his face – the neck generally being most sensitive while cheeks need extra shaving – but for a woman considering legs, underarms and the bikini line you’ll want a razor that can take everything with an appropriate level of comfort.

The futuristic 1980s design also means this safety razor is smooth and sleek, looking much less like your grandpa’s razor.

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Rockwell 6C Women’s Razor

Rockwell 6C Women's Razor

The Rockwell 6C is definitely not something your grandpa used. Instead this modern brand started on Kickstarter with a mission to transform shaving for everyone by reinventing the safety razor.

The Rockwell 6C is made of aluminium, making it much lighter than a normal safety razor. But here’s the big trick. The Rockwell 6C comes with three separate base plates for the head, and each side comes with a different level of aggression.

That means you end up with 6 different levels of aggression, just like the Merkur Futur, but this is fixed in the razor so you don’t need to worry about remembering your setting on a dial.

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