Best Straight Razor For The Money

best straight razor for the money

The best straight razor for the money depends mainly on your choice of the type of straight razor you want. Traditional fixed blade or disposable? Traditional straight razors with a fixed blade tend to be much more expensive than shavettes that use disposable blades. At the same time, shavers who use traditional straight razors are … Read more

Is There A Merkur Straight Razor?

merkur straight razor

You may be looking for a Merkur straight razor given the brand’s historic reputation with traditional shaving. However, while Merkur is undoubtedly one of the best safety razor brands it does not manufacture straight razors. Nevertheless Merkur is owned by Dovo – a legendary shaving brand in itself that does offer straight razors. Therefore is … Read more

How To Hold A Straight Razor

Getting to use a straight razor, for the first time, can be very tricky. Perhaps, you’ve spent so much time, standing before your bathroom mirror, and trying to figure how to hold a straight razor to achieve a smooth shave without having to cut yourself. Let’s show you how it’s done and why it’s not … Read more

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