Best Bikini Razor: The Best Razor For Pubic Hair

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Razor advertising is clearly a man’s world. But what’s the best bikini razor for women when it comes to the best razor for the bikini area?

When it comes to the best razor for shaving the tuft, we continue to believe that a classic safety razor offers a superior experience to plastic cartridge razor. See our list of the best safety razors here.

While big razor brands will continue to force bright pink plastic razors and packaging upon us, these are actually a much poorer choice than you think.

For one thing, a multitude of blades in a cartridge is bound to increase shaving bumps and irritation. This isn’t great normally but even worse when it comes to the best razor for shaving pubes. A single blade safety razor makes the best women’s razor, gliding across the skin and shaving the bikini line in a single pass.

Most of the so-called best bikini razors offered by big brands are all about branding. By keeping you buying those expensive blade replacements they keep you as a customer. Not only does this cost you in the long run, but it’s really bad for the planet especially when you consider how much packaging they come in. These razors aren’t easily recycled.

Safety razors on the other hand last for years, some even for life. And the replacement safety razor blades are a universal standard of thin metal sheets that come in boxes of five or ten no bigger than a matchbox, and not costing much more.

So when it comes to switching to a safety razor as the best bikini shaver, what should you look for? We believe that women will benefit from a longer handle and lighter weight.

The best razor for shaving vag requires a bit of dexterity and reaching ability. Plus you’ll probably want to keep the same safety razor for shaving your legs and armpits so it’s worth getting one that fits all purposes.

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