Jack Black Shaving Cream Review

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In this Jack Black shaving cream review we’ll take a deeper look at this popular shaving cream that’s renowned for its gentle treatment of sensitive skin.

Jack Black Shaving Cream Review

Grooming brand Jack Black is only 20 years old and began with the aim of producing high quality skincare products for men. They let the products speak for themselves by using high quality ingredients and never testing on animals. We rate it highly and have included it in our list of the best shaving creams to try today.

And while Jack Black shaving cream is more expensive than your average drug store can, it certainly isn’t in the realm of luxury brands where you pay more for the logo than the quality of the product.

Jack Black has earned a reputation of superior natural ingredients. Like many shaving creams on this list they offer both a tube and a tub variety. The soft cream doesn’t require a shaving brush, although it would improve the experience. The Jack Black shaving cream is available is either a jar or a squeezable bottle to suit both shaving styles.


Professional dermatologists have endorsed this shaving cream while Jack Black is also certified colorant-free, animal cruelty-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. That makes it the best shaving cream for sensitive skin unless you are allergic to any of the natural oils. Jack Black achieved this partly through making the shaving cream unscented.

While methol type fragrance oils tend to be popular for shaving products because of their cooling sensation and scent, they can dry out the skin.

Being scent-free is great for sensitive skin but can be a dealbreaker for anyone wanting a more fragrant shave.

On the other hand, while Jack Black started as a men’s grooming brand there is absolutely no reason why this can’t be a great shaving cream for women as well. As its unscented you don’t need to worry about so-called “msaculine” scents.

We’ve had reports of some women loving traditional shaving creams like Geo F. Trumper and Taylor of Old Bond Street so Jack Black offers an even more unisex and modern option.

Igredient Issues For Sensitive Skin

One issue you may encounter when searching for the best shaving cream for sensitive skin is that even the most gentle products can still contain ingredients that cause you irritation even if the majority of people are fine.

Jack Black shaving cream contains potassium hydroxide, common in soap products, that can be irritating to the skin in high amounts and as the sixth ingredient on the list that means there is a fair bit in there.

It also contains fragrant geranium – listed as Pelargonium Graveolens – and rosemary oils. In general these have lots of benefits for the skin but again carry a very small risk of allergic reaction in some people.

Jack Black Shaving Cream Price

The price of Jack Black shaving cream is obviously a concern. Interestingly the price comparison on Amazon.com suggests that the best value option is actually the jar because of its size.

However, for a great quality shaving cream it’s really not that bad. The Jack Black Ultra Lather jar contains 30% more weight than Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort and is less than half the price.

The same goes for The Art of Shaving Oud which is 5 oz as opposed to Jack Black’s 9.5 oz and twice the price.

What About Jack Black Beard Lube?

In this Jack Black shaving cream review we’ve been looking specifically at the Ultra Comfort Shave Lather. But Jack Black offers Beard Lube as a different kind of shaving lubricant.

This is more like a latherless shave gel that have been a more popular modern shaving cream. Most use natural plant oils to create a very slippery surface for shaving.

The Jack Black Beard Lube combines this methodology with superior ingredients. Overall we prefer the shave lather but the Beard Lube may be better for anyone wanting a quick and convenient shave. It’s also great for anyone with facial hair as you can see your lines as you shave.

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