Best Slant Razor: The Safety Razor With a Twist

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Slant razors are an unusual but popular form of safety razor. While they are quite rare there are a growing number of models on the market – so what’s the best slant razor to buy?

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What’s The Best Slant Razor?

Merkur 37C Review – The Merkur Slant Razor

Merkur 37C Review

It’s no surprise that one of the best safety razor brands Merkur should have a slant offering.

The slanted head of the Merkur 37c exposes more of the blade at one end and is very similar to the cutting angle of a straight (cut-throat) razor. This means it is ideal for cutting through heavy beards and tough stubble.

The Merkur 37c is on the lighter side compared to other safety razors at 3.4 ounces and because the handle is relatively short, the balance point is approximately halfway up the handle.  Apart from the head it largely resembles its straightened sibling the Merkur 34C which is one of the most popular safety razors.

Because of that it shares many of the benefits like the knurled handle that offers excellent grip.

Fine Slant Razor

Fine Slant Razor

Fine Accoutrements looks like a brand from the 1950s. Indeed you might look at the retro branding and wonder if there razors are still avilable or whether it’s just vintage examples available secondhand online.

Actually, Fine Accoutrements started in 2005 with a commitment to reviving traditional shaving. Their founding story is similar to our own: the realisation that a shaving methodology that’s more than 100 years old is in fact more effective and cheaper than popular modern alternatives.

The Fine slant razor is made with the same devotion to tradition and quality. It only weighs 1.1oz with a very small handle. But that’s all perfect so that you use only the force that is required. With this safety razor you don’t need any more leverage or weight than that which is on offer.

To aid that grip the handle is extra wide with large indentations for a secure yet soft shave with no nicks.

Each Fine razor is machined from a single block of aluminium to provide the most precise blade alignment with hardly any weight.

iKon Slant Razor

iKon Slant Razor

The iKon slant is the first precision machined stainless steel razor ever made. It’s release in 2013 had been eagerly awaited by many shaving enthusiasts.

The iKon Slant was designed by iKon CEO, Gregory Khan and he promised an aggressive shave that was more forgiving than the Merkur slant razor.

The overall look and feel is of precision and beauty.

The Ikon Slant head is slightly larger than most safety razors because it covers the ends of the razor blade, which is safer without getting in the way.

As the iKon slant razor is all stainless steel it is quite heavy but you can actually fit other safety razor handles like one from the Muhle R106 to lighten the load if you wish.

This is a solid razor that’s a pleasure to use but it still glides with the same and potentially more gentleness than the Merkur 37c.

Razorock German 37 Slant Razor

Razorock German 37 Slant Razor

The Razorock German 37 could be the best value option at half the price of the Merkur 37c.

The handle is nice and long with a good grip and the whole razor is a hefty weight. In terms of aggression it is generally more efficient and less forgiving than the Merkur.

As one of the perks of slant designs is resurrecting blades that are going dull it might make sense to go for this cheaper option.

Slant Razor Vs Straight

A slant design uses the head mechanism of the safety razor to twist the blade very slightly so it cuts at an angle with a slide sideways motion. The comb guard is also twisted to facilitate this motion.

That means the bristles are not cut head on but more sliced at an angle. Because of this many shavers believe slant razors to be more aggressive.

However, that is not necessarily the case. In reality, a slant razor is more effective and efficient but that means your approach to shaving is much gentler with a slant razor. So as long as you are gentle you may find you have a smoother and more gentle shave that is still very close.

You can mitigate some of the aggression risk with good preparation ensuring you use the best shaving soap and follow a good lathering technique.

Another perk is the twisting motion basically pulls the blade tight so it’s more rigid and therefore harder when cutting.

Not everyone uses these for a closer shave. Many enjoy the fact that these safety razors basically upgrade whatever safety razor blade they are using. So while you may not want to load one up with a super sharp Feather blade – one of the top best safety razor blades – they are great for getting through a pile of dull blades if you made a wrong purchase.

You can also extend the life of any blades already used in another razor that can be given a new lease of life by being twisted.

Slant safety razors are also quite reasonably priced. So with excellent shaving performance and a reasonable price its questionable just why these razors aren’t more popular than they already are.

But if they’re not for you then don’t forget to see our top choices of the best safety razor to own today.

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