Best Beard Straightener: Beard Straightening Combs

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The best beard straightener may well be the answer you’ve been looking for to tame an unruly beard.

If you’ve tried the best beard balm and best beard oil but still don’t have quite the silky beard you want then a beard straightener might be the best option for you.

Beard straightening combs are nothing new. It is very likely the combs archaeologists dig up from ancient civilizations were also used as beard combs.

However the combination of a beard brush with electric hair straighteners is a new phenomemon and beard straighteners frequently resemble beard brushes and beard combs.

A beard straightening comb is inexpensive and relatively easy to use. Most of the best beard straighteners cost under $50 and you slowly brush your beard with the heated beard comb.

Arkam Beard Straightener

Arkham Beard Straightener

One immediate perk of the Arkam beard straightening brush is it comes with a pocket beard comb. However, what really makes it a premium option is a 1-year warranty and 24/7 US-based support.

Arkam claim their beard comb takes only a single pass, and just 30 seconds to heat up. It uses a variable temperature setting with digital display so you can select any temperature from 180 – 450 Farenheit.

Other perks include ion technology to reduce frizz and a 360 swivel on the power cord so you don’t end end up with the power cord wrapped around.

Tame The Wild Beard Straightener

Tame The Wild Beard Straightener

What is perhaps the best beard straightener does exactly what it says on the tin in taming the wildest of beards.

With 12 temperature settings, this beard straightening brush emits negative ions to control the positive ones in your beard to reduce frizz.

The even heat distribution takes only a minute to reach 400 degrees Farenheit while the beard brush design means this heat never touches your skin. A single Metal Ceramic heater ensures a smoother and more uniform heat than standard Positive Temperature Co-efficient heaters.

And another safety feature means that the beard straightener switches off after 30 minutes – though always make sure to switch it off as this is a worst-case scenario.

Dolirox Beard Straightener

Dolirox Beard Straightener

Dolirox offers a beard straightener that’s very similar to Tame the Wild – including a single Metal Ceramic Heater for a quick start and even heat distribution.

One key difference is that the Dolirox beard straightener offers just two modes. Chances are you only need one anyway, but at least Tame The Wild gives you choice.

Dolirox simplifies things with just a green mode (180℃/356℉)for coarse beards and red (200℃/392℉) for softer long beards.

Dolirox beard straighteners also come with free beard balm!

How To Straighten Your Beard

When it comes to how to straighten a beard the best time is after the beard has been washed and conditioned. This is also the best time to shave your beard line to tidy up the borders.

Don’t forget the key to ensuring a smart beard is not just making it shapely and smooth. You also want to make sure the edges are kept in shape. A traditional double edge safety razor is the best way to keep your cheeks and beard line in check so see our recommendations here.

Before straightening the beard it should also be fairly dry so use a towel thoroughly. You may want to prepare it with a regular beard comb so all the hairs are in the right direction before you start straightening.

Power up your beard straightener depending on the length and coarseness of your beard. Start low at 250 F and see how the beard responds. You don’t want to rush into the hottest setting and risk damaging your beard.

A rough temperature guide:

  • Fine and light – 250 F
  • Average – 375 F
  • Thick and Curly – 450 F

Brush the beard in the direction of growth. Stroke fairly slowly to give the beard time to absorb the heat, although keep moving so as not to heat one area for too long.

Stay calm and comb through gradually but smoothly.

Do this for just a couple of minutes and you’ll see the difference. Don’t get too carried away though – make sure you remember to switch off and unplug the beard straightening comb when you’re done.

Even if you’re only pausing for a short time, switch the beard straightening comb off so you don’t forget. They heat up again in no time when you’re ready.

While they should cool down fairly quickly be careful not to leave them anywhere they might cause damage.

Finish off with some beard balm or beard oil to nourish the hairs and settle the shape.

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