Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

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In this Weishi razor review we’ll examine the popular Weishi safety razor and question if it deserves its reputation as a cheap import.

We’ve been acting as though a Chinese-made safety razor is the worst thing in the world and bound to disappoint. But that would be an unfair conclusion.

Many of these butterfly razors are of a good quality for the price which is exactly why they are trusted by brands around the world with their label.

These razors probably won’t last forever – but they do come at a very good price. In fact, we would rather promote razors direct from the factory label rather than OEM white-labellers as you’re more likely to get the original price, plus there’s less of a sense you’re being misled this way.

Weishi is just like that. They make no claims to the contrary about who they are and let their products speak for themselves. The Weishi Nostalgic features a generous long handle with an excellent grip. It’s lightweight at just 74 grams which doesn’t fit with many wet shavers’ preferences but could be seen as a perk. Again Weishi seems a possible supplier for brands like Van der Hagen and Microtouch One.

While the Weishi Nostalgic’s long term durability is questionable, you’re sure to have a good shave for under $20 and you can upgrade this with your choice of premium safety razor blades.

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