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Best Safety Razor 2020: Top Safety Razor Reviews

Everyone need a good razor and yet many people miss out discovering the best safety razor for a better, cheaper and more sustainable shave.

Unfortunately, the plastic disposable razor has become commonplace as an everyday “essential”. These are packaged up for men and women to buy at a premium for a mediocre shave before being thrown into landfill. So what’s the best beginner safety razor?

Finding the best safety razor may cost more in the short-term – but you gain a companion for life.

A simple tool that uses a universal standard of double-edge razor blades that cost a fraction of their 5-five blade cartridge counterparts.

This classic piece of equipment is the perfect eco-friendly razor to help save the planet as well as your wallet. Once you have chosen your tool, consider a shaving brush and shaving soap to complete your safety razor set.

Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

Any conversation about the best safety razor cannot end without mentioning Merkur. The manufacturer has a unique reputation amongst its competition, having manufactured and designed for over 30 years.

Their entire production process is nothing short of art. The result of such a unique and special production method is gorgeous razor blades that provides exceptional service.

The Futur adjustable safety razor is just one of the many they offer to clients. However, when it comes to the best safety razors, there aren’t razors much better than it.

Moreover, its exceptional features are put together in a fantastic chrome body that is bound to catch eyes. With the Futur, you shave in style. Read our full Merkur Futur review of the best adjustable safety razor here.

The Pros

The Merkur Futur has several pros that make it one of the top choices for men’s razors. Some of its top features in this Merkur razor review include:

  • Fantastic look: you can choose between gold-plated chrome, satin, and a simple chrome finish, all of which prove to be stylish options to suit many bathrooms.
  • Long handle: The Futur ensures that you have a great grip at all times, with its long handle making for easy control and maneuvering. This also makes it a great safety razor for women.
  • Good weight: It’s heavy, but not enough to be distractingly so. Its weight is enough to help you get the shave you desire.
  • Adjustable settings: the adjustable feature allows you to customize the way you use the razor, ensuring a comfortable shave for all kinds of people.
  • Superior make and design: developed in Germany, this razor supports the reputation that German-made men grooming items are exceptional.

The Cons

The Merkur Futur has only one con worth mentioning. It has a bulky head that doesn’t move around well with the nose and lips area. You’ll have to stretch them out to make use of it.

Merkur Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor

A personal favourite, a Merkur traditional safety razor of this style was given to Artisan Shaving’s founder when he was just 15 years old and he continues to use it every day. That proves it’s credentials as an eco-friendly razor for life. It could easily be the best beginner safety razor.

The design is quite heavy which is satisfying for some users who like to gently use the weight of the razor to shave rather than applying pressure to the face. This feels both engineered and powerful as well as delicate and gentle.

One of the big perks of the Merkur traditional safety razor is its length. Many double edge razors are much shorter to save on material and postage costs as well as to give a more utilitarian feel. This makes it a good eco-friendly razor for women.

This is something much more luxurious that feels like you picked it up yourself from a high-end shaving supplier as part of a safety razor set – and they are indeed stocked at such St James’ establishments as Truefitt & Hill and Taylors of Old Bond Street.

Today though if this Merkur razor review has persuaded you then you can have one shipped quickly and cheaply to your door courtesy of Amazon for your safety razor set.

The Pros

  • Long textured handle for extra grip and control.
  • Heavy weight to let the razor do the shaving rather than your arm.
  • Wide base so you can stand it upright.
  • Solid German Solingen Steel – unlike many cheaper brands the Merkur will survive plenty of drops.

The Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Double Edge Safety Razor

The Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Double Edge Safety Razor

Similar to Merkur, Edwin Jagger has a solid reputation in men’s grooming because of its sustained exceptional quality. Manufactured in England, Edwin Jagger’s reputation extends to the best safety razors for various uses and skin types. However, their DE89Lbl line of safety razors holds precedence over the rest.

The reason for DE89Lbl’s success as a safety razor is the fact that it’s unbeatable when it comes to sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is far more prone to experiencing cuts, nicks, and injuries while shaving. It too could be the best beginner safety razor.

The Edwin Jagger safety razor is the very best at helping you avoid that. That’s not to say that its not as effective as other safety razors, but its precision allows you to shave hair quickly and efficiently, without having to experience injuries. It offers exceptional balance and is a razor you will not hesitate to use.

The Pros

The Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl has several pros that make it worth taking a look at. These include:

  • Great body balance: the weight all along the double-edged razor is exceptionally balanced and construed. You will not feel it imposing on your hand in any way. The fantastic body balance will instead make it quite easy to maneuver.
  • Fantastic for sensitive skin: the precision shaving offered by DE89Lbl ensures that you won’t have to go through the same spot again. Your skin will not be subject to repeated interaction with the blade as you only need one pass.
  • Durable: there’s no need to worry about this razor’s life. It’s going to stick with you for a long time and be reliable too.

The Cons

The only negative aspect of the Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl is the fact that its handle is short and limits maneuverability.

The Feather AS-DZ Safety Razor

Feather AS-DZ Safety Razor

From the exceptional packing to the high-quality service, this Feather safety razor ensures that each moment you spend using it is rewarding.

A Feather safety razor is a luxury product with a price tag that might make you balk when you first look at it. However, once you use it, it will prove to be well worth the price you paid for it. We would say it is perhaps the best beginner safety razor but the price means you might want to try a cheaper safety razor first to make sure traditional shaving is right for you.

Made from stainless steel, the Feather quality double-edged safety razor provides exceptional performance while being durable. It’s designed to ensure a comfortable shave, and it is going to give you unbelievable performance for a long time to come as part of a great safety razor set.

It’s a razor that many people buy as their very first. While the price tag is not a joke by any means, its quality more than compensates. Moreover, the exceptional life of this safety razor makes it a great return on your investment. It’s quality in every aspect.

The Pros

The various positive aspects of the Feather AS-DZ include:

  • Superior performance: The Feather blades are renowned worldwide for their surgical precision and exceptional shave.
  • Durable: with medical grade stainless steel being used to develop this beautiful safety razor, you are assured a long and durable life. This razor is going to stick with you through thick and thin.
  • Easy to learn: while the specific angle for this razor makes it hard to adjust at the start, the shave you get is consistent and regular. You will not have to worry about testing out this double-edged razor. There is no learning curve to it, and beginners can find it quite easy to use from the very start.

The Cons

Although this may be a pro for some, the handle is considered by many reviewers to be too compact at 4 inches long. However, that depends a lot on personal preference.

The Parker 98R Ultra Safety Razor

The Parker 98R Ultra Safety Razor

While the previous Seki razor has been called out for its relatively shorter handle, this one gives the opposite. The Parker 98R Ultra is recognized in the market for its very long handle, helping you reach any area of your face without a problem.

It’s not just the handle that’s big. The whole razor is considered to be the heavyweight of double-edged razors. Coming in a whopping 4.3 ounces, this Parker safety razor is larger and heavier than most of the best safety razors on the market. However, there’s more to this razor than its heaviness.

The Parker 98R Ultra combines a beautiful design with meticulous production. Its beautiful brass construction and thrilling finish give it a great look.

However, should you go for such a heavy razor? Many people do prefer heavier razors since they do the job without requiring as much effort from the person using them.

However, it’s all about what you’re comfortable with and what gives you the best shave. Hence, if you like a heavier razor, there’s no need to second guess it.

The Pros

Beyond the long handle, the Parker 98R Ultra offers:

  • Durability: it’s going to stick with you for a long time to come.
  • Quality construction: the brass construction is fantastic. It’s a great, sturdy make that looks beautiful with a shiny yet simple finish.
  • Easy grip: the long handle factors to provide an easy grip.
  • Easy to dismantle: and therefore easy to clean.

The Cons

While it is big, heavy, and durable, the Parker 98R Ultra does not offer the same quality of finish as many of its competitors.

The Muhle R41 Open Tooth Safety Razor

The Muhle R41 Open Tooth Safety Razor

The unique appearance of this safety razor and its performance have given it a special nickname: It’s known as “the Beast” in the market, and its reputation always precedes itself.

The Muhle R41 is a special case, and it’s simply because of the brute that it is. It is one of the most aggressive razors around, with blades that can hurt quite badly.

You need significant experience to use it properly. Its long teeth have earned it the Open Tooth name, and the shave it gives is exceptional if you’re careful.

The Muhle R41 is not the best beginner safety razor. Moreover, it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin either. A single irregular movement could lead to a very bad cut, one that is going to bleed for a long time. Read how to stop bleeding from shaving cuts here.

So, if you’re not sure about your skills with a safety razor, try to keep yourself away from the “Beast”. Its teeth are reason enough to stay wary of it. However, if you’re skilled, then the Muhle R41 is going to give you a shave you’ll adore.

The Pros

“The Beast” has built its strong reputation due to the following positives:

  • Ergonomic design: the exceptional design meets many users’ demands and is all about giving people the best possible shave, with the perfect handle length. 
  • Close shave: the teeth of the cutting head allow for a very close shave that gives a lot of control to the user of the razor.
  • Three designs: there are multiple designs to choose from. You don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to the look.
  • Weighs good: while it looks massive, the Muhle R41 does not weigh as much as you would expect. It’s fairly light for its size and easy to handle.

The Cons

This goes without saying, but the Muhle R41 should not be used by anyone who is not good with a razor. It is bound to hurt any beginner and could cause serious cuts and nicks if used without prior training. Moreover, it also troubles sensitive skin with its sharp blades.

What’s The Best Safety Razor to Buy?

The very first thing to ask yourself when you’re out looking for a razor is which kind of razor you should buy. The two most common options are plastic cartridge razors and the safety razor.

The former has been the more popular option for the past few decades. Plastic cartridge razors have all but replaced safety razors, which are often called double-edged razors as well.

The reason for the cartridge razor blade’s popularity is due to the supposed flexibility and degree of performance it offers. Gillette, with their plastic cartridge razors, dominate the global market and suggest it’s the best a man can get.

In fact, almost all men and women use these razors. It’s just the most popular option, fuelled by smart marketing and branding.

Double-edged razor blades have made safety razors feel like a thing of the past. However, safety razors are now increasing in popularity for a low-cost, more eco-friendly and better quality shave.

Moreover, there is a fair amount of attention being given to the advantages a safety razor blade holds against the plastic cartridge option. Almost all experts favour the former.

Merkur Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE89LBL Lined Detail Chrome-Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Seki Edge Feather AS-DZ Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 98R Ultra Heavyweight Long Handle Safety Razor
Muhle R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

Why Double Edge Razors are Better

Double-edged razors offer cleaner, sharper, and better performance than plastic cartridges do. Where Gillette often says that multiple blades are better than one, science says otherwise.

Having a plastic cartridge with multiple blades means that you are limiting their effectiveness. It’s harder to get the most out of them due to the limited area, and their performance is affected due to this.

Furthermore, a greater number of blades mean increased irritation. No matter how much plastic cartridge razor manufacturers boast about smooth shaving experience, you are going to experience more irritation with one. Moreover, the shaving angles and the quality that a safety razor provides are superior to that of a plastic cartridge type.

Safety razor blades are built with better and stronger materials, as well. While a plastic cartridge uses weak plastic, a safety blade is usually made out of brass and is quite sturdy when compared with the plastic.

It is also easier to clean due to the simple design and single double edge razor blade. On the other hand, removing hair from a multi-blade plastic cartridge razor is always frustrating.

Various other factors make safety blade razors the better choice. Replacing double-edged razor blades is easier than replacing plastic cartridge razors, which is necessary to understand.

Hence, a reassessment of the benefits that double-edge razors offer shows that it’s far superior to the plastic cartridge models. However, to get the best from them, you need to choose the best one.

How to Select the Best Safety Razor?

While safety razor blades are the top choice for any man, picking the best safety razor is tricky. This is because they are not as widely made as to their plastic cartridge counterparts. The latter offers an unmatched variety that makes finding a good one easier. Contrarily, double-edged razors are far more specific and need to be put under far more scrutiny.

Some things that you need to check out in any safety razor while you consider it is:

1.    The Design

There are four typical designs offered for safety razor blades:

  • one-piece,
  • two-piece,
  • three-piece, and
  • butterfly head

The butterfly head design is a type of one-piece razor. Similarly, each design has its specific use and specialty. The three-piece is the most popular out of the bunch and is favoured for its multi-purpose use.

On the other hand, the two-piece is preferred by many wet-shavers due to its smooth shaving experience.

Finally, the one-piece designs hold distinction amongst the rest for having a rotating handle that opens the cutting head.

2.     Double-Edged

All safety blade razors are double-edged, allowing you to shave from either side of the cutting head.

3.    Price

For many, this aspect is the most important of all. Double-edged razors are generally more expensive than plastic disposable razors.

Finding the right one means judging the price as well. You do not want to spend too much on a safety razor, but being stingy might mean compromising on quality.

Thus, finding a balance between price and quality is essential when picking a good safety double-edged razor. They usually range anywhere from $10 to $200.

4.     The Handle

One unique feature of safety razor blades is the length of the handles. They come with a variety, and picking the right fit for yourself ensures maximum satisfaction. You need to look for the handle length that fits in your hand the best. It should neither be too long or too short. If you’re searching for the best shaving experience imagine, the handle length needs to be just right.

5.    Adjustable Blade or Fixed

Double-edged razors traditionally have a fixed blade. The cutting head and the blade can’t be moved around to get rid of hair in the nosiest of areas. However, some manufacturers are now developing safety razor blades with adjustable blades, increasing the usability and importance of the blades while also making them more accessible.

6.    Weight

Safety razors can be quite heavy. They are made out of brass or stainless steel after all. However, the weight does not point towards the proficiency of the razor. In fact, a heavier razor is harder to maneuver and not as easy to handle.

You do not want the weight of your blade to hamper your shaving experience. Test out as many razors as possible to find one that feels just right inside your hand. Weight matters and you have to pick a weight that feels just for you.

Choosing the Best Safety Razor

Knowing all this, you can now go to the market and select the best safety razor blade available. There are numerous options, each with its own specific use and positives. You need to check their features based on the six points discussed above, and find something that gives you a great balance between all six.

Out of the five listed above, the choice for a beginner would either be Merkur Futur or the Feather. The Edwin Jagger is perfect for those with sensitive skin, while the Muhle R41 is strictly for the experienced and well-trained.

All five of these safety razors have their particular use, and they give an exceptional performance to users in their domains. Hence, when choosing between them, try to ascertain what you need from your new safety razor. Make the choice that best attunes to your requirements.

These five best safety razors make for the top choices that the market has to offer. They combine great designs with careful engineering, leading to smooth results. Safety razor blades outrank plastic cartridge razors in almost every single department, and these safety razors can show you exactly why.

Rather than being limited to what your plastic cartridge razor offers you, you can explore your own needs with a safety razor. You can go for any length, size, and cutting power.

You can go through various options with different characteristics and pick one that meets your needs specifically. Hence, for a true shaving experience, there’s nothing better than a safety razor.

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