Microtouch One Razor Review – Best Beginners Safety Razor?

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In this Microtouch One razor review we’ll take a look at the popular safety razor and see if it’s worth the hype.

Microtouch One Razor Review

The reason for the wide appeal of the Microtouch One razor is because of TV ads featuring Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars. The ad sees him explain all the advantages of wet shaving with a safety razor using only one blade.

This is something we highly support. Our whole mission at Artisan Shaving is to help more people to realise the economic and environmental advantages of traditional safety razors. Afterall, 163 million consumers in the U.S. used disposable razors in 2018 and that’s a lot of waste plastic.

But this only works if the safety razors are good. Is the Microtouch One just good advertising or does it deliver on its pledge?

Microtouch One Razor Review

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A fantastic beginners safety razor at a very good price.


Microtouch One Razor Review

The good news from this Microtouch One razor review is that it does. Safety razors are quite difficult to get wrong. While the best safety razors can cost well over $100 for fine tuned pieces of engineering, the basic technology doesn’t take much.

It’s a design classic that dates back over 100 years. One of the big advantages of safety razors is the safety razor blades are universal – you can buy an expensive Feather safety razor and use cheap Derby razor blades just as you can buy a cheap Microtouch One and use premium Merkur razor blades.

A Flashy Brand On Imported Steel

However, it should be noted that the Microtouch One razor is just a brand name on a cheap Chinese-manufactured razor. Razors like this are often branded by bigger companies.

In fact, we believe it to be the same design as Van der Hagen’s safety razor that costs $20 compared to under $10 for the Microtouch One. So for this Microtouch One review you can certainly take comfort that this is a design trusted by a big shaving brand that is here sold for a lower price.

Microtouch One Performance

In terms of performance it is an effective safety razor for beginners. In fact the Van der Hagen safety razor we declared the best safety razor for beginners in our Van der Hagen safety razor review.

It works well for a good price. The safety razor isn’t too aggressive and so it’s a great beginners safety razor. It’s difficult to go wrong and cause shaving rash or shaving cuts, requiring an alum block or styptic pencil to heal after. But it still delivers a good shave overall.

The Microtouch One’s limitations are its short handle can be a little difficult but that’s not a major setback.

Long-Term Durability

We are more concerned about the long-term durability of the product. While the butterfly head makes it a great safety razor for beginners because the head opens to let the blade out, these are moving parts prone to failure.

Over time it is these engineered parts which tend to fail on cheaper safety razors compared to their premium counterparts. However, as a tester to see if wet shaving is right for you this can be a great start before committing to one of the best safety razors.

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