Merkur Futur Review: Best Adjustable Safety Razor?

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In this Merkur Futur review we take a look at this popular and somewhat pioneering adjustable safety razor by the leading German razor manufacturer Merkur.

The Merkur Futur is a razor that perfectly aligns with our values at Artisan Shaving: elegance, utility and sustainability.

This futuristic safety razor proves that double edged razors are not some nostalgic fad. Instead it shows that the tools of the past can still be improved by one of the world’s top razor manufacturers in the renowned Solingen area of Germany.


Key Features

  • Sleek and smooth look. Keeping the aesthetics on point is a plus
  • Excellent balance
  • Chrome finish design, giving the razor a sturdy look
  • Functionality of six-level setting
  • Weight is 128 gm
  • Easy blade replacement mechanism
  • Ideal length of 4.3 inches
  • Smooth design with no added texture

Why So Popular?

The Merkur Futur is without a doubt a very popular safety razor, which is unusual given that it is so un-representative of how we normally see safety razors. The basic utility of the Merkur 34c is surely more of a design classic and half the price.

For one thing, the Merkur Futur is one of Merkur’s most expensive razors, plus you can upgrade to a full Futur-styled shaving set of brush, stand and bowl.

This is pretty much unique in Merkur’s offering as they normally view razors as simple everyday tools rather than luxury design items. Understandably the Futur gets a lot of good advertising because of that higher markup.

But the purpose of this Merkur Futur review is to go beyond that and question just what it is that makes this razor so popular and why we’ve included it in our list of the best safety razors today.

Merkur Futur Review


Almost certainly one of the big reasons for the Merkur Futur’s popularity is its aesthetic. It does not look like something your grandpa used.

Ditching plastic cartridge razors to save the planet – and saving a load of cash in the process – doesn’t make you a Retro fashion enthusiast and so plenty of shavers like to escape the look of safety razors that has hardly changed since they were invented in the early 20th Century.

Ironically the Merkur Futur was actually designed in the 1980s.

This is especially the case for women who like the eco-friendly benefits of safety razors but not the “manly” associations constantly celebrated in shaving forums and publications.

The Merkur Futur is also available in gold which is certainly impressive.

Adjustable Safety Razor

One of the best things about this double edge safety razor is the adjustment ability. You can easily adjust the aggressiveness of the razor as you like.

That’s great if you have multiple areas to shave with different needs and sensitivity – like your shaving your head, legs or armpits. That’s why we deem the Merkur Futur one of the best safety razors for women.

To do this, simply use the dial on the razor’s handle. We recommend that you set the level to medium, initially. Try out if the setting suits you. If you’re not happy with the setting, then of course, you can try out the six aggressiveness levels and pick one. 

Throughout its 6 adjustable settings, the Merkur Futur does lean towards the more aggressive side so you may want to see our best adjustable safety razors guide to get a better idea of what’s right for you.

Safety Razor Handle

We’ve noticed a love-hate relationship with the Merkur Futur’s handle. For one thing it’s nice and long at 4.3 inches. That’s one reason for its popularity as the Merkur’s best-selling safety razor is the Merkur 23c long-handelled safety razor.

It’s smooth with just a small indentation in the form for grip. That means it can get slippery when wet which can be a serious drawback for some people.

However, for most people the indentation offers the perfect grip while offering an absolutely beautiful handle that’s comfortable to hold.

It’s easy for shaving enthusiasts to get carried away with knurling – the texture on a safety razor handle for grip – but the Futur just seems the perfect compromise of weight, balance and beauty that makes it unecessary. A shorter safety razor like the Merkur 34c on the other hand does need a little more to hold on to.

Best Beginner Safety Razor?

Let’s weigh the quality in the eyes of an experienced razor user and beginner. An experienced user will absolutely adore the quality offered by this razor. Why? Because it has an ergonomic design, sturdy grip, and provides a close shave.

However, if you’re only just upgrading from a plastic disposable razor – and with good reason – the extra weight and bulk could come as a bit of a shock. Some beginners find the razor a bit bulky and find it hard to shave in an angle. But you get used to this very quickly.

The idea of adjustable aggressiveness can also feel a bit of a jump from a simple number of blades in a cartridge. But does this mean that beginners should not go with this razor? Not really.

This is one of the easiest razors to work with if you’re a calm user. All you need to do is pick the right aggressiveness level and keep the setting to low in the initial days. 


At 128 grams the Merkur Futur is reassuringly heavy. In fact it’s basically the heaviest safety razor Merkur make. The only exception is the Merkur 43c at 149g that has a standard head with a stainless steel handle which doesn’t really count.

That is matched with excellent balance. This is the kind of weight in a safety razor that feels secure and engineered rather than bulky and cumbersome.

Merkur Futur Blades


Can a beginner use this Merkur Futur Razor?

This safety razor comes with a mechanism to adjust the aggressiveness. The beginners are usually not comfortable with the aggression of a razor.

It comes with adjustments where you can set a level from 1-10. If a beginner is using this razor, he must lock the razor on level 2 or 3, which will give them a more mild experience.

How can I replace the blade in Merkur Futur?

The process of blade replacement is quite easy in this razor as there are no screws. Just pop out the installation gently from the indentation. Load the new blade, and with focused pressure, put the head plate back to its place.

How do you adjust the aggressiveness?

Adjusting the aggressiveness is not difficult. There is a dial on the handle at the top. Hold the head gently and turn the handle.

Merkur Futur Review Summary

If you are looking for a perfect razor to help you out with your shaving chore then bring home Merkur Futur razor today. 

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Merkur Futur Review