How To Stop Bleeding From Shaving Cuts

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A shaving cut is an easy mistake to make. Unfortunately they can bleed quite badly. Razor blades are extremely thin and sharp which means they can cut quite deep accidentally, although thankfully shaving cuts tend to be so thin they heal very quickly. Until then your prime consideration is obviously how to stop bleeding from shaving so you can get on with your day.

You can reduce your chances of cutting yourself shaving in future by improving your technique. The absolute essential no matter what kind of razor you use is to never cut in the direction of the blades. Another cause can be using too much force with blunt blades. This can be improved with better preparation.

A double edge safety razor can also help with shaving cuts. Rather than clogging up a multi-blade cartridge, this single edge razor blade can move cleanly without clogging, using nothing more than the weight of the razor.

How To Stop Bleeding From Shaving

When it comes to how to stop a shaving cut from bleeding, a lot will depend on the severity of the cut. For minor nicks, often the quicker and more convenient option is to simply carry on shaving and by the time you’re done and you wash your face you have already managed to stop bleeding from shaving. This is quite common around the neck area where its irregular shape and coarse bristles can mean you end up with multiple small nicks very easily.

If it is still bleeding then the next step is to apply aftershave or, even better, use a styptic pencil. These are both astringents that cause skin to tighten which can close the cut. Styptic pencils in particular are often deemed magic for their ability to stop a shaving cut from bleeding in just a few seconds of pressure.

If you don’t have a styptic pencil but have applied aftershave then it’s time to resort to the inevitable tissue option. Simply tear a small patch and place it against the cut. Hopefully it should stay on until the bleeding stops and then fall of naturally. If you’re shaving your neck near the collar, shaving your legs or anywhere else that will be clothed then simply hold a tissue against the cut applying medium pressure until you stop bleeding from shaving cuts here.

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