Best Alum Block: Prevent Shaving Rash And Cure Cuts Fast

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The best alum block is a magical tool. Alum is crystallised aluminium potassium sulphate which acts as a natural astringent that reduces inflammation by causing skin to contract.

This means it is great for stopping shaving cuts bleeding and cures shaving rash before it even starts. Alum can also be powdered and bonded with wax is a lipstick shape to create a styptic pencil for a more targeted shaving cut cure.

However, a full alum block is milder and can be used almost like an aftershave to sooth the skin and is also used as a natural deodorant.

How To Use An Alum Block

To unlock the soothing properties crystallised in alum, all you need to do is wet the block and rub it against the skin. It can sting a bit so you only want a little bit.

The process if the same for using it as a deodorant, although you should probably wash it between uses. Afterwards let it dry out fully before you put it back in its container.

Of course the first step to curing shaving cuts is prevention in the first place a they can still be quite nasty. Choose your razor carefully, take your time, and make sure you have a sharp razor blade so you don’t resort to unnecessary force. Like preventing shaving rash, the key is to prepare properly with a hot towel and minimise the chance of having to use an alum block.

Where To Find The Best Alum Block

Gentleman Jon Alum Block 3.7 Ounce

Gentleman Jon Alum Block 3.7 Ounce

Aside from fantastic graphics, Gentleman Jon offers a range of great shaving products and the alum block is among the best in the market. At just $8 for 3.7oz it’s no wonder this has been awarded Amazon’s choice. This will last for months and probably even years even with daily use.

Admittedly the branding is a total win with the Victorian boxer and text recalling the kind of old world masculinity favoured by a lot of shavers. It has a certain hipster charm.

Of course the boxer is not meant to represent the person shaving but the alum block fighting razor burn, so this doesn’t mean it’s a gendered product! As effective as the block is, it does require a little theatre like this to make your investment exciting as opposed to just a cold stone.

This block of comfort feels good going on your face if you’ve been a bit aggressive shaving. There is something reassuring about the feel of a cold, hard stone like this in your hand.

RazoRock Alum Block

RazoRock Alum Block

RazoRock is a little more expensive than Gentleman Jon – and lacks the wonderful vintage graphics. However, we like the fact they offer an alum stick which is half way between a block and a styptic pencil and is more convenient for rolling against the skin.

RazoRock is great for sensitive skin. As for any cuts or nicks it really helps to dry out and tighten the wound to promote healing fast.

RazoRock is a great price for an alum stick that will last a long time even with daily use as an aftershave. Just splash your face dry with cold water, wet the RazoRock alum alum stick and rub generously over face.

It’s also nice and small so much better for travelling with as part of your shaving kit. The protective dome is secure forming a nice case so you can just throw it in a bag without having to worry about wasting alum or getting stains inside your bag.

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