Best Single Blade Razor: 8 Top Picks

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A closer shave. No irritation. No expensive cartridges. These are just some of the advantages of the best single blade razor.

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Top Picks:

Single blade safety razors fall into two main categories: single edge and double edge razors. Double edge razors, on their part, can be of the open comb, or the closed comb type, depending on the design of the shaving head. Open comb double edge razors are generally more aggressive than their closed comb cousins.

On the other hand, single edge razors can be gentler to your skin than both open comb and closed comb double edge razors. They have thicker and stiffer blades that look like small pieces of the traditional straight razor. SE razors are rarer and older than DE razors, but they seem to have a small but constant fan base.

Further, all double edge razors use standard blades that fit both open comb and closed comb models. By contrast, the different models SE razors use different blades: GEM, Injector, FHS/Autostrop, and Barber-style.

Finally, depending on their design, double edge razors fall into several different categories: twist-to-open, two-piece, and three piece razors.


    Best Single Blade Razor – Top Picks

    Supply Single Edge 2.0

    The Supply Single Edge 2.0 (review) is probably the best single-edge razor out there. In a sense, it is a modern version of the classic injector razor. It features Schick Injector’s safe blade loading mechanism, well complemented by three interchangeable base plates. The one-notch plate delivers a very mild shave. The two-notch one is a bit more aggressive, while the three-notch plate can take on some serious stubble.

    Just fiddle the little thumbscrew under the head to change to change the shaving plate. Unlike most single edge models that are over half-a-century-old to date, Supply 2.0 has been around only since 2015. With a retail price of over $70, this isn’t a single blade razor that you can buy on Amazon.

    We are convinced that this is the BEST single blade razor on the market in terms of how easy it is to use, its build quality, and its life span. After the first shave with Supply 2.0, you’ll surely throw your old cartridge razors into the dust bin!

    Another advantage of the Supply 2.0 is that it is absolutely safe and very suitable for novices. This is an injector-style razor, so you don’t touch the blade with your hands when changing it. And when you shave, you should not worry about razor bumps or accidental cuts. Its single blade shaves down to the skin level, while its slick design much resemble that of a vintage sports car.

    Given that Supply 2.0 is actually a hefty piece of matte-finished stainless steel, it is not a wonder that the manufacturer has put the mind-boggling 100 years guarantee on their product. Despite the austerity of technical specs concerning Supply 2.0, we could establish for a fact tat that it weighs 3.88 ounces.

    Which blades to use with Supply 2.0?

    The guys from Supply say that their razor accepts all standard injector blades. Besides, it can be ordered in different bundles with between 8 and 20 spare blades. One blade typically performs between five and ten shaves.


    OneBlade single edge razors (review) use pivot technology to deliver a close and forgiving shave.  The specific design of the shaving head makes OneBlade razors mildly aggressive and easy to use. OneBlade sells three models: Core, Genesis, and Hybrid.

    OneBlade Genesis

    Genesis is the flagship of OneBlade’s fleet of single edge razors. This model is manufactured out of 100% German stainless steel. Those who can afford to spend nearly $400 on a single blade razor will enjoy a close, quick and smooth shave every day.

    Weighing in at 3.1 ounces, the Genesis is easy to control and follows the contours of your face quite obediently. The perfect balance between the pivot point and spring force is the secret behind this single blade razor’s success.

    The Genesis isn’t handle-heavy, as its handle is hollow inside. However, it is designed for a comfortable grip and minimizes the chance of accidental slippage.

    This mid-priced model combines Core’s affordability with the high-quality manufacturing of the Genesis. The Hybrid features a polymer-coated handle with a solid core made of steel and titanium alloy.

    OneBlade Hybrid

    While shaving, always hold your Hybrid razor by the indented spot on the handle. In terms of aggression, this model gives a relatively mild shave . This makes it suitable for wet shavers who’ve already gained some experience in the field.

    OneBlade Core

    OneBlade Core is the ideal candidate for one’s first single blade razor. It’s mild shaving performance protects the skin from bumps, nicks, and razor burn. The manufacturer vows that it’s the most user-friendly single edge razor on the market.

    OneBlade’s basic model is covered in top-quality polymer that is very durable. The design of the shaving plate means that there’s no need to disassemble it to insert a new blade. Just slide in the new one until it locks in place.

    There’s no knurling on the handle, safe for a small indentation in the middle, which shows where you should hold it while shaving. The stainless-steel core of the handle makes it solid and well-balanced.

    Which blades to use with your OneBlade razor?

    All of OneBlade’s three models come with a test blade inside. The Genesis and the Hybrid come with ten standard Feather FHS-10 blades made of high-carbon stainless steel and coated in platinum. Each blade lasts for two or three shaves.

    Merkur Futur

    This single blade razor comes in three modifications: Futur 700 with a classic matte chrome finish, the Merkur 701 with a chrome-plated body and a satin finish, and Futur 702 featuring a gold-plated body. All versions are 4.3 inches long and weigh 4.4 ounces.

    The Futur’s shaving style is a bit aggressive, so it takes some focus and a steady hand to get a clean and smooth shave without any razor bumps. The adjustment dial inside the handle lets you select the aggression level, so novices should work with positions one to three.

    To adjust the blade gap you just turn the handle to the left or right. The wider the gap, the more aggressive the shave. For a five-day stubble, you should make the first pass with the blade on position six with maximum blade exposure.

    To change the blade of your Merkur Futur (review) single edge razor, just grab the notch on the handle and pull it up to open the blade compartment. Then, position the new blade inside the shaving head and press the top onto it until you hear a click.

    One thing to keep in mind is that you should always adjust the blade exposure of this razor with dry hands. If you want to lower the aggression level after the first pass, you must ensure that both your hands and the razor are dry. When shaving, hold the razor by the tiny indentation on the handle for maximum stability.

    Which blades to use with Merkur Futur?

    Our research has shown that Feather is the best blade to use with Merkur Futur. Be warned, hjowever, that the combination Merkur Futur plus a Feather blade is for experiences wet shavers only!

    Merkur 23C

    This is a single blade safety razor that provides a smooth shave with minimum irritation. Being easy to control, 23C (review) is the perfect choice for those who’ve decided to switch from a cartridge to a safety razor.

    MK 23C’s four-inch-long handle with gritty cover guarantees maximum control while shaving despite the low weight of the razor (just 2.12 ounces). Small-handed users should be looking for the short-handle modification.

    This single blade razor has got a significant blade gap that allows a high lather flow and greatly facilitates rinsing. Yet, the gutter beneath the blade is a bit narrow and clogs quite often.

    When screwing or unscrewing the shaving head, you must not touch the bladed sides. When you pack up for a holiday, just invert MK 23C’s head and screw it backward. In this way, the safety bars will fully cover the blade.

    23C’s coating isn’t very solid, so the metal in the corners may chip if you accidentally drop the razor into the sink. The blade of Merkur 23C is not adjustable, meaning that the level of aggression remains rather low throughout the entire shave. That’s why this model has earned itself an excellent reputation among women. They can rely on the MK 23C double edge razor for an irritation-free shaving experience.

    Which blades to use with Merkur 23C?

    This single blade razor’s mild temper is best complemented by the Derby Extra double edged blades. You can also try the even milder Shark blades.

    Merkur 34C

    Merkur 34c (review) is a moderately-aggressive two-piece safety razor that is very suitable for inexperienced users. It is 3.28 inches long, and the comfortably knurled handle comes in at 3.04 inches. With a diameter of 0.46 inches, it feels very stable in the hand.

    This double edge safety razor weighs in at 2.72 oz and its head is heavy enough to deliver an exceptionally close and smooth shave.

    When you buy an MK34C, you can expect seven or eight years of carefree shaving. After about a decade of heavy use, the handle’s crisscross knurling may start to wear off. Over time, Merkur 34C’s unscrewing mechanism may start to wiggle, but this isn’t something you should worry about.

    The MK 34C’s two-piece design provides the perfect combination of blade angle and alignment. However, without any guides in the dome to align the blade,it may get crooked if you over-tighten the dome.

    Which blades to use with Merkur 34C?

    Go for the standard Merkur blades. Depending on the coarseness of your beard, you can also try the Derby or the Feather blades.

    Rockwell 6C

    Rockwell 6C – and its stainless steel counterpart the 6S (review) – is one of the most popular mid-tier double-edged razors on the market. The razor’s body is made of durable alloy and features a standard chrome finish. It is 3.74 inches long and weighs in at 3.53 ounces.

    The handle has got one large knurled section in the middle and two knurled rings at the bottom. Like the Merkur Futur, Rockwell 6C offers six positions of blade exposure that allow for a wide range of shaving modes – from very mild, to extremely aggressive.

    The difference is that you have to switch between Rockwell 6C’s three plates for a different shaving aggression level. Plate A offers minimum exposure of one of the edges, while the other is on position three. Similarly, Plate B comes with exposure positions 2 and 4. Plate C is the most aggressive one with blade exposure positions 5 and 6.

    Positions one and two provide a very gentle wet shaving experience and are suitable for users with sensitive skin. Positions three to six provide a close shave for more experienced users.

    Rockwell also offers a premium storage case for its 6C double edge safety razor. The nice blade cover makes it easy to keep it sharp for longer. Finally, Rockwell’s razor stand helps you keep your shaving tool at hand, ready for the next close shave. All these accessories are sold separately, but we highly recommend that you spend a few dollars more on them!

    Which blades to use with Rockwell 6C?

    Rockwell recommend their own blades for this single blade razor that come in 100-piece packs. They will give you a really close shave with minimum irritation.

    Feather AS-D2

    Feather is a well-known manufacturer of blades for safety razors. With the AS-D2 (review) double edge safety razor, they claim to have designed the most innovative safety razor in the world that will truly revolutionize wet shaving. This closed comb safety razor is just mildly aggressive and promises to give its user a very benign shaving experience.

    The AS-D2 weighs in at 3.17 ounces, which appears to be the best weight for a safety razor – neither too light, nor to heavy. The whole razor is four inches long and has got a 3.5-inch handle with some nice gritty coating.

    Notwithstanding the closed comb design, the very presence of a Feather blade inside this single edge razor makes it a little unforgiving to your skin. Compared to cartridge razors, however, AS-D2 provides a shave that is a whole lot more effective.

    Which blades to use with AS-D2?

    This double edge safety razor comes with a pack of ten premium Feather blades. One blade is supposed to last for about three weeks, so you are pretty much covered for the first year.

    Muhle R41

    Muhler R41 is a very popular open comb safety razor. The most common version of this model has got a classic chrome handle with some serious knurling for a safer and comfortable grip. The standard handle of R41 is 3.1 inches long and fits all hand sizes. The R41 Grande version has got a slightly longer handle.

    Weighing in at 3.17 ounces, Muhler R41 is one of the best three-piece single blade razors. This bad boy is not for rookies. It requires good shaving technique and precision avoid cuts and skin irritation. Just one pass without any extra pressure is enough for the perfect shave with this safety razor.

    Which blades to use with Muhle R41?

    There are different blades that fit the Muhle R41 single blade razor, but the best shaving is achieved with the company’s own premium quality razor blades.


    It is really hard to say which the best single blade razor is. There also are different blades for razors out there, but experts unanimously agree that they all come closer to the ultimate best shaving than any other shaving tool. Should you have any more questions about safety razors, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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