Merkur 34c vs 38c: Is A Longer Handle Better?

Comparing the Merkur 34c vs 38c offers plenty to think about. While the Merkur 34c Heavy Duty is a great reliable little razor, the Merkur 38c offers a longer and more decorative handle.

Merkur 38c vs 34c Two-Piece Head Assembly

Merkur 34c vs 38c

As far as the razor head is concerned with the Merkur 34c vs 38c, both are the same. They are two-piece safety razors where the base plate is part of the handle. The top of the head screws in clamping the blade in place.

With both razors this can be a disadvantage because of the risk of breakage. That is only increased with a longer and heavier handle.

That means the Merkur 34c is more likely to survive being dropped. That said, a longer handle probably means you are less likely to drop the Merkur 38c.

Merkur 34c vs 38c Long Handle

Merkur 34c vs 38c

The Merkur 38c is an extra heavyweight razor at 4 ounces with a solid brass core. The 4″ handle offers excellent grip and plenty of opportunity to find your ideal point to hold for the best shave.

We normally say use no more than the weight of the safety razor to shave and the 38c is no exception, although with more to grip you may feel reassured by the extra weight.

The longer handle may be preferable for a number of purposes because of its reach. For instance, it could easily be the best razor for shaving head. It could also be the best safety for women.

That said, many people prefer to shave with a shorter handle. A shorter handle like the Merkur 34c offers much better manouverability and is naturally lighter.

In terms of style the longer handle of the 38c is decorated as an American barberpole with rings around the top and bottom that resemble a classical column. This is much more elegant than the more utilitarian 34c, which is a rarity for Merkur.


Don’t forget that the Merkur 34c has its glorious cousin the Merkur 34g in gold. However, the 38c is only available in chrome.

Both razors also have slant razor versions – the Merkur 37c and Merkur 39c – which offer a closer and potentially more comfortable shave.

See our guide to the best slant razors here.

Alternatively, if you’re not convinced by any of these razors why not see our top picks of the best safety razors here.

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