Merkur 33c vs 34c: Which Safety Razor Is Better?

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When it comes to the Merkur 33c vs 34c there really isn’t much difference between these two razors. However, one difference is clear.

Merkur 33c vs 34c Assembly

The Merkur 33c is a three-piece razor which means the top of the head, base plate and handle can all come apart separately. The Merkur 34c on the other hand is two piece as the base plate is fixed to the top of the handle.

Another difference is the slightly narrower handle which means the 33c is lighter than the 34c. Again that’s merely a matter of personal preference. The 33c weighs 58g versus the 34c 80g, so it’s about 25% lighter.

Our winner – Merkur 33C (Check price)


Both razors are made from the same material, an alloy called Zamak consisting of zinc, aluminium, magnesium, and copper.

While Zamak can vary considerably in quality, for the purposes of this review both razors are made from the same high quality material used in all Merkur razors.

Stainless steel safety razors like the Feather AS-D2, which are usually stronger – tend to cost more than twice the amount.

Merkur 34c vs 33c Handle

Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle

Both safety razor handles are the same length. The wider nodule at the base is shorter and more pronounced on the 34c while on the 33c it blends much more naturally with the handle. There could be a small advantage there that the 34c may be easier to stand upright.

In terms of grip both razors features the same style of knurling texture. That said, the wider handle of the 34c may offer slightly better grip.

Our winner- Merkur 34c (Check Price)


In terms of cost the Merkur 33c is usually about $5 cheaper than the Merkur 34c. That could be to do with the amount of materials used given its narrower handle and lower weight. The process of manufacturing the 34c’s combined base plate and handle may also be more complicated.

Our winner – Merkur 33c (Check Price)


Merkur Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

One feature that could be the deciding vote between the Merkur 33 and 34 is the colour choice. The 33c only has the chrome option available. However, the 34c has a cousin called the 34g which comes in gold.

While this might not matter for many people the gold is a distinctive look some struggle to resist. A gold safety razor like the Merkur 34g could also be a great safety razor for women.

What About The Merkur 37c Slant Razor?

Merkur Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor, MK-37001

While the Merkur 33c and 34c both seem like siblings, don’t forget about the Merkur 37c.

The 37 is a slant razor that looks just like the 34 but twists the blade for a closer and more efficient shave.

See our guide to slant razors here.

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