How Many Times Can You Use A Disposable Razor?

How many times can you use a disposable razor? There’s a big difference between what’s possible and what’s actually desirable.

It makes sense that you would want to use a disposable razor as long as possible. They are expensive and wasteful. What’s more is that they don’t actually give you much idea of how long they should last.

As the deterioration is quite slow you might start to notice a bit of tugging, but you could keep shaving for days before you realise just how blunt the blade is.

Ever changed to a new razor and shocked yourself with how sharp the fresh blade is? Meanwhile as you were shaving with a blunt blade you probably started experiencing a poorer quality shave as well as more irritation like razor bumps without even realizing it.

The answer to all these problems is actually a traditional safety razor – here’s some great examples in our guide to the best safety razors. For a start, they are much cheaper. While the handle may set you back $30 or so at first the replacement blades are really cheap. You can get 100 for about $10.

With just one double edge blade to keep and eye on rather than a cartridge its easier to tell when its time to swap it out for a new one. These generally last about three days if you shave every day.

As they are only one blade they actually offer a much better quality shave as well with much less chance of irritation.

When you’re done the single metal blade is quite widely recycled, or else will just rust in a landfill very quickly unlike a plastic cartridge which will last thousands of years. 10% of all our plastic waste each year actually goes into the oceans.

So how long does a disposable razor last and how many times can you use a disposable razor? The answer is not nearly as many times as needed to make them worthwhile.

How many times can you use a disposable razor?

You should be able to use a disposable razor at least three times. A lot depends on how often you shave, the nature of your hair, where you shave and how you shave.

A man with a coarse beard who has to perform multiple passes daily may go through a disposable razor quite quickly. Especially if he then shaved his head as well.

On the other hand, someone with lighter growth could use the same razor many more times.

In general the average seems to be anywhere between three and 10 shaves for a disposable razor. But remember that you’re on a sliding scale. A razor doesn’t suddenly become unusable. Instead each shave will be slightly poorer than the last – leading to more and more tugging and irritation. Your natural inclination is to shave more or harder to compensate for poor performing blades.

However, given the financial and environmental cost of disposable razors it makes sense that if you are trying to make them last longer (and given those costs, why wouldn’t you) then you should stop using disposable razors all together.

Safety razors may seem like an outdated tool but you will quickly find them the key to a closer shave with less irritation that doesn’t cost the earth.

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