Can You Bring a Safety Razor on a Plane?

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One of the common questions with traditional shaving is can you bring a safety razor on a plane.

It’s a good question given that safety razors are great for travelling thanks to a small size, no electricity needed, universal blades available all over the world, stylish safety razor travel cases and even designs made specifically for travelling.

But just as beginners wet shavers are daunted by the exposed blade of a safety razor, it is natural to question if safety razor blades can be carried on a plane. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) razor guidance is your best resource here but here’s what TSA razor guides say.

Can You Bring a Safety Razor on a Plane in Hold Luggage?

Can you bring a safety razor on a plane in hold luggage? TSA razor advice says yes you can.

Needless to say, if in doubt hold luggage is likely to be your best bet according to TSA razor guidance. The Transport Security Administration says safety razor blades are not permitted in hand luggage but should be fine in checked in luggage. The safety razor handle itself can be carried in hand luggage but not with a blade in it.

Can You Take a Safety Razor on a Plane in Hand Luggage?

Can you take a safety razor on a plane in hand luggage? Unfortunately not.

This is unfortunate for anyone travelling with just hand luggage, which is a lot of us thanks to budget airlines and a desire for hassle-free trips with little more than a backpack.

Buy Safety Razor Blades When You Get There

A Merkur 37c is an easy way to upgrade drugstore blades and is a handy travel size.

However, the universal standard of safety razor blades means you should be able to find them anywhere in the world. Unfortunately you might not be able to secure the best safety razor blades and your favourites like Feather but a drug-store variety should be quite easy to find.

While these aren’t the best double edge razor blades they are unlikely to be terrible. If you are going to be travelling with hand luggage a lot and want to keep a close shave then perhaps consider upgrading your razor.

A slant razor is an excellent way to upgrade sub-par blades. These work by twisting the blades in the head so they are tighter and cut at an angle.

You could also try an adjustable safety razor so you can use a more aggressive setting when using cheap blades abroad.


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