Best Single Edge Razor

The internet is full of guides about traditional double edge razors but what about the best single edge razor? Afterall, single edge doesn’t mean any kind of single blade razor.

A single edge razor is a kind of safety razor but rather than using standard double edge razor blades it uses a single edge blade.

These have a bit more variation than standard double edge razor blades but usually mean injector razor blades. These have been around for decades and are also used in a lot of disposable blade straight razors – known as shavettes.

Single edge razors tend to be quite rare and made by smaller firms but there are some notable market leaders of the best single edge razor.

Single Edge Razor Vs Double Edge

Single edge razor blades tend to be thicker and so offer a more robust shave with less flexibility in the blade. The downside is they are quite thin with a very sharp edge and so you don’t really want to handle them. That’s why they usually come in a handy injector that loads them into your razor without you having to touch them.


The Supply razor is a Kickstarter sensation that uses a special injection-moulding process usually reserved for pecision-engineered medical and aerospace technologies.

The Supply single blade razor is also adjustable and uses three settings of Sensitive, Comfortable, and Ultra Close depending on which base plate you use.

The Supply razor comes in two price points based on whether you go for alloy or stainless steel. The alloy version is not much more expensive than a lot of alloy safety razors like the Merkur Futur.

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OneBlade Genesis

If you really want to indulge, the OneBlade razor is a modern razor developed by a team of engineers on a quest to bring real innovation to the shaving industry with an award-winning single blade razor. This has all the benefits of shaving with a safety razor but is stylishly upgraded for the future.

The flagship OneBlade Genesis razor features an all stainless steel design, is individually numbered, hand polished and is available in precious metal finishes including 24 Karat Gold and 18 Karat Rose Gold.

OneBlade is the product of a American financial publisher called Porter Stansberry who enjoyed a straight razor shave from a barber in Italy so much he wanted to replicate the experience in a more convenient razor.

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