Best Single Edge Razor And Blades

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The best single edge razor can be much more forgiving to your skin than their double edge peers. With blades that are thicker and stiffer than that of a standard safety razor, you can unlock the closest experience to a straight razor shave without the hassle.

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OneBlade Genesis

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Supply Single Edge 2.0

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OneBlade Core

Thick-bearded wet shavers are convinced in that these blades provide a smoother, safer, and closer shave than most DE razors.

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The Best Single Edge Razor

1. Supply 2.0 Single Edge Razor

This SE razor has been on the market since 2015. Its three most distinguishing features are quality, durability and usability. It has adopted Schick Injector’s blade loading system for maximum safety. Some reviewers have shared that Supply’s slick design reminds them of James Dean’s legendary Porsche Spider.

The Supply Single Edge razor is a modern relative the Injector style razor.  Unlike the Schick Injector, however, this stainless-steel SE razor comes with three adjustable base plates for a mild, average, or aggressive shave. The number of notches on each of the three heads indicates its aggression level. To change between the heads, you’ve got to unscrew the little thumbscrew that’s under the head.  

The manufacturer gives the mind-blowing 100 years guarantee on their product, adding that it’s suitable for beginners regardless of their skin type. Shaving with Supply 2.0 practically eliminates razor bumps, because its single edge shaves on the skin level, while cartridge razors go below that. Read our full Supply razor review here.

Recommended blades

Supply 2.0 accepts all accepts non-proprietary injector-style blades. This SE razor can be ordered in different bundles including between 8 and 20 spare blades. One blade lasts between 5 and 10 shaves.

2. OneBlade Single Edge Razor

 OneBlade is a mildly-aggressive single edge razor that uses modern pivot technology for an an effortless and close shave. The OneBlade single edge razor sells in three versions: the basic Core model; the expensive Genesis version, and the mid-priced Hybrid.

If you really want to indulge, the OneBlade razor is a modern razor developed by a team of engineers on a quest to bring real innovation to the shaving industry with an award-winning single edge razor. This has all the benefits of shaving with a safety razor but is stylishly upgraded for the future.

The flagship OneBlade Genesis razor features an all stainless steel design, is individually numbered, hand polished and is available in precious metal finishes including 24 Karat Gold and 18 Karat Rose Gold.

OneBlade is the product of a American financial publisher called Porter Stansberry who enjoyed a straight razor shave from a barber in Italy so much he wanted to replicate the experience in a more convenient razor.

OneBlade Core

OneBlade Core offers the perfect introduction to wet shaving. Its mildly-aggressive head eliminates bumps, nicks, razor burn, and irritation regardless of your skin type. OneBlade swear that It’s the most intuitive single edge razor the market.

This basic model is coated in top-quality polymer which makes it an ultra-durable and affordable safety razor. The Autostrop design means that there’s no need to take anything apart – just slide in a blade until it clicks in place. The slight indentation in the middle of the handle indicates the right spot you should hold it for best results. The stainless-steel core of the handle guarantees its perfect balance.

OneBlade Genesis

This award-winning single edge razor is handcrafted out of 100% German stainless steel. Those who can afford it will be experiencing an unbelievably close, safe, and irritation-free shave every day for the rest of their life.

The Genesis weighs in at 3.1 ounces, which allows for superior control while working the single blade around your face and neck. The ideal balance between the pivot point and the spring force guarantees an unforgettable shaving experience.

The stainless-steel handle is hollow inside, but its unique no-slip design creates a feeling of reassurance in the user. When loading a new blade, always hold it by the safe side and gently slide it into the shaving head until it clicks into place.

OneBlade Hybrid

This mid-tier model combines Core’s affordability with the high-quality built of the Genesis. Hybrid’s polymer-covered handle features a solid core made of steel-and-titanium alloy. To avoid slippage, always hold this single blade razor near the indented spot on the handle.

In terms of aggression, this model scores somewhere between the mild Core and the slightly-more aggressive Genesis. Yet, you can still expect a close and safe shave without any razor bumps or nicks.

Recommended Blades

All of OneBlade’s three versions use the standard Feather FHS-10 razor single blade made of high-carbon stainless steel and coated in platinum. This makes it twice thicker than all DE safety razor blades.

3. Occam’s Single Edge Razor

Classic Shaving also sells the Occam’s Razor that uses barber blades.This SE razor is available with different base plates,and comes with a small tool that facilitates blade replacement. Just like Supply 2.0, Occam’s SE razor arrives with a mildly-aggressive head.

This is indicated by the two dots on the plate. If you are willing to pay a bit more, you’ll get one mild and one more more-aggressive head. Unfortunately, changing the heads is not toolless and you’re going to need a standard number-one flat screwdriver that you’ll find in the package.

Occam’s single edge razor features a rail system for loading the blades into the head. When inserting the blade into this safety razor, be careful not to jam it into the two small knobs on the upper rail. The blade come in a special container with an extractor that ejects the new blade about three-quarters out.

Next, you just hook it up with the special blade-loading tool and, holding it between your index finger and your thumb, insert the blade into the head. Once inserted, the blade kind of floats into the head, which allows for a better shave.

After about ten shaves, you should remove the blade. Again, just hook it up with the tool and pull it out of the head holding the blade to the tool between your index and thumb, and place it in the provided plastic container.

This is a short-handled single edge razor, so you should hold it with your index finger at the back of the handle for the first pass. When you pass against the grain, put your thumb there for added stability.

Occam’s single edge razor handling can present certain challenges. Despite its high quality, this model is not very suitable for large-handed users.

Recommended Blades

Feather Pro and Pro Super razor blades work with the mild and the medium-aggressive heads, while the ProGuard blades are suitable for the most aggressive head.

4. King Cobra Classic Single Edge Razor

The King Cobra Classic is another premium single edge razor by Classic Shaving.  The Cobra’s model is an Injector-style razor that accepts some widely available razor blades. This is the only model of the reviewed so far that features a proper gnarling on its black handle for a better grip. The model’s name probably derives from the handle’s design, which imitates the undulations of a snake’s body.

This SE razor has got a 2.25 inches wide head made of nickel-plated brass and weighs in at 3.5 ounces. Its handle is made of steel and is sufficiently long even for big-pawed guys. To replace the blade, just flip the lever under the shaving head and it will open up.

After loading a new blade, just push the blade keeper back up and close the lever. Despite the safety bar in front of the razor, the Cobra Classic has got a fairly aggressive temper, so be careful when shaving under the chin and around the lips. On the other hand, the special design of the head allows for some exceptionally-close shave under your nose.

Recommended Blades

The King Cobra single blade razors use Feather’s Professional and Pro-Guard razor blades. Of these, the Professional is the more aggressive type of blade.

5. Schick Injector Single Edge Razor

Shave Classic Single Edge Razor Handle with 1 Ct. Schick Injector Razor Blade Refill ! Razor Compatible with Schick Injector Razor Blades ! Better Than Hydro , Intuition

The Schick  Injector single blade razors have a special mechanism that loads the blades into a magazine and feeds the new ones through the razor ejecting the old blade. Schick was the first company to come up with this safe and ingenious design.

Unfortunately, this model is no longer in production, but you can still find on Ebay. Before using it for a first time, give your Schick razor a long bath in Barbicide. When you load a new blade into your Schick Injector single edge razor, give it a little push to make sure it is properly fixed.

This razor measures four inches top to bottom and weighs in at 1.5 ounces. The handle isn’t very long and hasn’t got any knurling, so, be very careful with this bad boy!

Because of the unique design of the Schick Injector, you cannot go around all areas of your face adhering to the 30-degree angle, like you do with your double edge safety razor. Rather, you’ve got to almost flatten the blade against your beard for an effective shave.

For the best shave with this model, start shaving in the middle of the throat and work your way around the neck area. Once this first pass is finished, move upwards. For the second pass with the Schick single-edge razor, you should go across the grain. You can expect a nice and smooth feeling as the razor works its way on your face.

For the third pass, you’ll naturally have to go against the grain. The small safety bar over the blade makes it almost impossible for a man to cut himself while shaving. so the Schick razor is very suitable for one’s first single edge razor.

Recommended blades

Standard Schick Injector blades for razor are still offered on Amazon in seven-count boxes. Each blade is coated with chromium and polymer to resist corrosion and guarantee a perfect shave every time.

Types of Single Edge Razor Blades

Unlike your double edge safety razor that uses unified standard blades, single edge razors use more model-specific blades. Depending on their design, SE razors fall in four different categories.

GEM-style razors

Because of their bulky design, GEM blades can be safely handled. Modern GEM-style razors are three-piece shaving tools that require extra caution when changing the blade.

Injector razors

Injector blades are housed in a magazine so that you don’t need to touch the blade when changing it. The blade loading mechanism feeds the new blade into the razor and ejects the used one.

FHS/Autostrop razors

The FHS design is a relative of the GEM blade, especially regarding its size. Autostrop blades can be seen in the OneBlade razor.

Barber-style razors

Because of their shape, barber-style blades aren’t for beginners. The two most popular models in this category are the King Cobra Classic and the Occam’s Razor.


In conclusion, let us just summarize the key facts about the above safety razors. First, some of the models are no longer in production.,so make sure to thoroughly disinfect your razor before the first use. The different SE models use different blades for razors. Some of them can use blades of different thickness by the same manufacturer.

Some safety razors have changeable plates. These are usually purchased additionally and you’ll need a screwdriver to replace the head. It’s usually found in the start-up package. The level of aggression of the SE razors depends on the blade-head combination.

Changing the blade of a single edge razor generally requires greater precision than of a double edged razor. Finally, SE razors cause less skin irritation and razor bumps than DE razor blades, but they are far pricier. Our best single edge razor, the Supply provides an exceptional shave whenever you use it!

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