Merkur Futur Review: Pioneering Adjustable Safety Razor

The Merkur Futur is a razor that perfectly aligns with our values at Artisan Shaving: elegance, utility and sustainability.

This futuristic safety razor proves that double edged razors are not some nostalgic fad. Instead it shows that the tools of the past can still be improved by one of the world’s top razor manufacturers in the renowned Solingen area of Germany.

If you’re a regular shaver, then you must already know that the quality of the razor plays an important role. However, there are many people who opt for ordinary plastic disposable razors just to save a few dollars. 

Now while the Merkur Futur certainly isn’t cheap even among safety razors, this is truly a product that will deliver fantastic quality for life.

The market is swarmed with a plethora of safety razors and it can be a bit daunting to pick one that suits your needs. But, worry not, we have you covered.

If you are searching for a top-quality razor that offers a close shave and works smoothly then Merkur Futur Razor can serve as a beacon of hope!

Merkur is a German-based company that deals in excellent grooming products, and this Merkur Futur adjustable safety razor happens to be one of them. 

A Treat For Your Grooming Routine

It can be hectic if you’re a regular shaver. We know how badly you want a close and pitch-perfect shave without having to spend hours every morning, but also without shaving cuts and razor burn. Well, guess what? The Merkur Futur will treat you right! It is designed to give you a close shave in one pass.

This modern-looking razor is one of the best-manufactured products by Merkur for two reasons. One, it’s aesthetic look. And, two, the performance it brings to the table. 

Firstly, this razor will make your morning-shaves hassle free and save you a great deal of time.

Secondly, the features it offers will definitely make you love it more.

Key Features

  • Sleek and smooth look. Keeping the aesthetics on point is a plus
  • Excellent balance
  • Chrome finish design, giving the razor a sturdy look
  • Functionality of six-level setting
  • Weight is 128 gm
  • Easy blade replacement mechanism
  • Ideal length of 4.3 inches
  • Smooth design with no added texture


  • Adjustable razor head with customized aggressiveness
  • Dials to adjust on the handle
  • No screw mechanism
  • Ideal length
  • The long handle gives the structured grip
  • Commendable craftsmanship with a sleek design
  • Excellent weight dispersion


  • The head clip is inefficient
  • The popup mechanism can be a bit tricky to use
  • Bulky head can be troublesome

Key Specifications

Let’s learn what separates this Merkur Futur adjustable safety razor from regular razors. To do that, we have compiled a specification chart.

Let’s have a look:

ModelMerkur Futur
Length4.3 inches
Weight128 gm
Razor HeadAdjustable
No. of blades included1
Blade ReplacementNo screw mechanism

Product Features

Ideally we all look for razors that are easier to maneuver, and will cut hair in a single stroke. Fortunately, Merkur Futur Razor fits the bill. If offers several features that will help you get a safe, quality and timely shave.


One of the best things about this double edge safety razor is the adjustment ability. The user can easily adjust the aggressiveness of the razor as they like.

To do this, simply use the dial on the razor’s handle. You can set it to max if you wish to get rid of a stubble or keep it on low if you wish to simply groom your beard.

However, we recommend that you set the level to medium, initially. Try out if the setting suits you. If you’re not happy with the setting, then of course, you can try out the various aggressiveness levels and pick one. 

6 Settings

Moving forward, the razor offers six different settings. You can choose from mild to aggressive. There are a total of 6 settings. If you have a medium-sized beard then we suggest you use the level 2 or 3 setting. However, in case of a stubble, use a higher level. 

One precaution though, when shaving under your nose, ensure to keep the settings to a lower level or you can get a rash or even a cut. This is because the grip tends to feel a bit hard on higher settings. 


The smooth handle of the razor gives the user a structured grip. This feature is not available in previous versions of Merkur razors. You can consider this smooth-grip as an upgrade because it helps you perform both dry and wet shave quite easily.

Thanks to this, you will notice a shave that’s not only perfect, but quick and balanced too.

One of the best things about this double edge safety razor is that there’s no knurling system. If we talk about the past models that had a knurling system, users did complain about a stiff grip. 

Moreover, the cherry on top is the indentation on the top of the handle which further improves the razor’s grip.

So, all in all, the design and aesthetics of the razor are incredibly sleek, the shave offered is pretty smooth, and thanks to no-knurling mechanism, there’s no complaint about its grip as well.

Quality of Shaving:

Let’s weigh the quality in the eyes of an experienced razor user and beginner. An experienced user will absolutely adore the quality offered by this razor. Why? Because it has an ergonomic design, sturdy grip, and provides a close shave.

However, a person who isn’t used to razors can face a few problems. For instance, they can feel the razor a bit bulky and find it hard to shave in an angle. 

Moreover, since there are six settings to choose from, a beginner might not know which setting to opt for, while an experienced user will know the drill after he uses it 2-3 times.

But does this mean that beginners should not go with this razor? Not really. This is one of the easiest razors to work with if you’re a calm user. All you need to do is pick the right aggressiveness level and keep the setting to low in the initial days. 


There are many people who ignore the importance of a razor’s weight. This is a big mistake! A razor that weighs heavier can cause complications because it is hard to move them angularly.

On the other hand, a lightweight razor can do wonders and offer you a quality shave quite easily.

Speaking of this double edge safety razor, it has a weight of 128 grams only. Moreover, thanks to the indentation on the top of the handle, the movement of the razor is further enhanced. 

So, thanks to the less weight of Merkur Futur Razor, users will face no problems taking care of their beards and sideburns.

Blade Replacement:

People usually look for razors which can serve them for a longer period for the obvious reason. So that they don’t have to spend every now and then. Here’s where people tend to opt for razors that have replaceable blades.

Fortunately, Merkur Futur razor has replaceable blades too. But the enticing thing about is that the replacement process is super easy. There are no screws to deal with, just some pushes, that bind the blades. 

The head of the razor has an indentation that needs a bit of the pressing to pop out. Moreover, it has the capability to remain stiff and sturdy even after changing numerous blades. So, that’s a plus! 

If you check out other razors, almost 80% of them contain a screw mechanism. And, it can get troublesome to unscrew them, remove the blades and put back the screws to place the new blades back.

On the other hand, you won’t have to deal with this hassle in the Merkur Futur razor. All you need to do is press the razor’s head to remove the blades.

How To Remove The Blade Safely:

  1. Use your thumb to pop out the head plate, and then the blade.
  2. Remove the blade carefully (make sure to not hold it too tight).
  3. Install the new blade in place.
  4. Put the head plate back in.


You must be thinking that what does length have to do as every razor has the same length. Well, you see that’s not true. Razors can vary on the basis of their lengths.

The benefit of having a razor with ideal length is that it will run on your skin smoothly by offering you a good grip, and by supporting the overall weight of the razor. 

The overall length of this razor is 4.3 inches long, and the handle is solid. According to us, the length of 4.3 inches supports the weight pretty nicely. 


Can a beginner use this Merkur Futur Razor?

This safety razor comes with a mechanism to adjust the aggressiveness. The beginners are usually not comfortable with the aggression of a razor.

It comes with adjustments where you can set a level from 1-10. If a beginner is using this razor, he must lock the razor on level 2 or 3, which will give them a more mild experience.

How can I replace the blade in Merkur Futur?

The process of blade replacement is quite easy in this razor as there are no screws. Just pop out the installation gently from the indentation. Load the new blade, and with focused pressure, put the head plate back to its place.

How do you adjust to aggressiveness?

Adjusting the aggressiveness is not difficult. There is a dial on the handle at the top. Hold the head gently and turn the handle.

In Summary

A razor is indeed an important part of the grooming routine. A user always wants to have a pleasurable experience while shaving with no cuts and rashes, and this razor fits the picture. 

Merkur is one of the most efficient companies in the world, manufacturing a variety of products. And, Merkur Futur razor is no different. 

It undoubtedly provides an excellent shave with no cuts or rashes on the skin. However, keep in mind that you will need to keep it well-maintained and change the blades from time to time.

If you are looking for a perfect razor to help you out with your shaving chore then bring home Merkur Futur razor today. 

We hope that this merkur futur review must have cleared your doubts. Happy shaving!

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