Best Synthetic Shaving Brush: Cruelty-Free, Cheaper And… Better?

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Finding the best synthetic shaving brush is now a very different to how it was years ago. Previously synthetic shaving brushes were hard to come by of a particularly good quality.

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Today the technology has improved massively. Just as eco friendly razors have become a popular industry, vegan cruelty-free shaving brushes have been forced to catch up.

The best shaving brushes are traditionally made from badger hair which does require the killing of the badger. What’s more, the very finest quality silvertip badger brushes use just the hairs of the neck and muzzle area, so it’s not like one badger is going to produce that many. The quality shaving brushes produced has meant this ethical concern has often been tolerated for the sake of the final product.

Now though you can find the best synthetic shaving brushes that compete with the best silvertip badger brush originals. Indeed the highest quality brands like Simpsons will offer their synthetic shaving brushes alongside the finest badger hair. It’s not a case of a downgrade – it’s simply a different option like a different colour or handle. The quality shave of the best synthetic shaving brush means you may hardly notice the difference.

Synthetic Shaving Brush vs Badger

A synthetic shaving brush now has a number of big advantages:

  • More ethical – this goes without saying. Whatever you think of animal products, it still seems a shame a whole badger has to be killed to make your shaving brush. At least the cow that made your shoes provided enough beef for lots of consumers and the leather was a mere by-product.
  • Cheaper – Synthetics are often cheaper and synthetic shaving brushes are no exception. While the best silvertip shaving brush by Simpsons costs over $200, the Muhle synthetic shaving brush offers a similar performance for under $50.
  • Easier to shave with – while badger shaving brushes require a long soak in hot water before you shave, synthetic shaving brushes really don’t. Give them a bit of a soak for maximum water absorption but the fibres don’t change much nomatter how long you soak them.
  • Scent – There is no badger smell with a synthetic shaving brush for obvious reasons. You also don’t need to be quite so careful with the aftercare as a synthetic shaving brush won’t mind too much if it stays wet for longer.

The Best Synthetic Shaving Brush

MÜHLE Classic Small Black Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush

Muhle is a renowned razor brand and features one of our best safety razors, so it’s not surprise they lead the pack when it comes to the best synthetic shaving brush.

This fibre has been carefully developed to closely replicate the performance of the best silvertip badger shaving brush. It has decent backbone, great lathering ability and still has the optimum feature of being soft at the tip and yet still holds its shape with a lot of hot water.

West Coast Shaving Tuxedo Shaving Brush

The Tuxedo knot has become the most popular synthetic knot thanks to super soft tips and medium backbone. Again West Coast Shaving has gone to great lengths to make sure this feels natural and not too springy.

Stylistically it is unusual to have a shaving brush with hairs that are so black but the white tips make it seem like badger, hence the name tuxedo.

This is a prefect all rounder and a bargain under $30.

Fendrihan Synthetic Shaving Brush with Resin Handle

Fendrihan Synthetic Shaving Brush with Resin Handle

Fendrihan has rocketed to success since 2007 combining traditional quality and modern convenience.

The shaving brushes they offer are no exception with this ethical synthetic option offering an experience that competes with fine badger. Some experienced shavers have gone so far as to say it beats their badger shaving brushes.

The Fendrihan shaving brush is also very cheap under $20. Then let’s not forget that beautiful resin brush handle.

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