Travel Size Shaving Cream: Try This Awesome Hack

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Are you frustrated looking for travel size shaving cream? Those tiny tubes and cannisters are not economical and seem very wasteful considering the amount of packaging for so little product. Although they can be quite cute.

But if you’re looking for travel size shaving cream that is lightweight and safe to carry on a flight then the answer actually lies not with new ultra-small containers, but more traditional shaving soap.

The Best Travel Shaving Cream

Shaving soap comes in a nice solid block just like bar soap – which means it doesn’t fall under flight rules on liquids. Plenty of these puck shaving soaps come wrapped in just paper, unless you opt for one in a tin or jar. See our reviews of the best shaving soap here.

But travel size shaving cream isn’t the only benefit of shaving soap – many are made with high quality natural ingredients. Shaving cream in a can on the other hand tends to contain chemicals including alcohol which can dry out and irritate the skin.

Soap on the other hand can soothe and nourish the skin when shaving to avoid irritation. You can read more about the ingredients of shaving cream here.

While you’ll be best off with a shaving brush this is not essential. You can have a pretty good shave just by creating a lather with your hands.

Nevertheless a shaving brush is a great way to upgrade your shave – and there are small and lightweight travel shaving brushes available too. See our list of the best shaving brushes here.

A shaving brush can further improve your shave by providing a cleansing exfoliant as the hot hairs open up your pores before shaving. This action also lifts the hairs for a smoother and more comfortable shave with minimal work.

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