Truefitt & Hill Donates Luxury Shaving Supplies To NHS Heroes

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As part of worldwide efforts by private companies to help key workers in the fight against Coronavirus, shaving supplier Truefitt & Hill has provided 1500 shaving products to NHS staff in London.

Truefitt & Hill – a renowned brand and hairdresser to the Duke of Edinburgh – manufacture high quality shaving products including their flagship 1805 shaving cream that ranked high in our list of the best shaving soaps.

“Determined to make a contribution and cognisant of the fact that PPE masks do not provide adequate protection when worn over beards, Truefitt & Hill is donating over 1,500 shaving creams, razors and aftershave balms to the NHS staff”, said director Joanna Broughton.

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Coronavirus And Facial Hair

When the current Coronavirus pandemic was in its infancy, an infographic from the Centre for Disease Control claimed facial hair could affect personal protective equipment and reduce its use.

The popular internet rumour was largely debunked as it was an older instruction for industrial workers using respirators, rather than guidance aimed specifically at preventing Covid-19 through your choice of facial hair.

However, the fact that facial hair compromises the effectiveness of PPE has been confirmed and the NHS has issued guidance about tackling this.

“Beards, stubble and facial hair cause a common problem when using PPE face masks, as this can prevent the mask being able to seal to the face and passing the fit test,” said the guidance.

Truefitt & Hill said the contribution was about providing luxury shaving products to those who deserve them most at this difficult time.

“We hope that our products will make the task of shaving that little bit more enjoyable and provide a brief moment of respite in their gruelling and harrowing schedules,” said Broughton.

“The landscape of our lives and the familiar patterns of our everyday activities have changed irrevocably since the first case of coronavirus was diagnosed. With these changes, many of us pause to think and reflect on what is really important. Many find that our priorities and values have changed.

Today, more than ever, we must recognise the role that the NHS staff, scientists and frontline workers play in ensuring that our future, not only as a nation but as a global community, are pivotalto what we have so often taken for granted in the past – health, happiness, togetherness and prosperity”, says Broughton.

The range of products, which includes 500 disposable razors, 500 tubes of Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream, 500 Ultimate Comfort Moisturisers and 100 Ultimate Comfort Balms, is part of a national effort to support the precious institution that is our NHS.

Truefitt’s Ultimate Comfort Range is specially formulated for gentlemen with sensitive skin. Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream is designed to provide the closest shave whilst at the same time protecting and aiding in the repair of the shaver’s skin.

Lavender essential oil is a gentle antiseptic which helps to heal skin, while moisturizing glycerin improves glide and comfort to ensure that this cream forms a thick, rich lather.

NHS Guidance

The guidance on facial hair in the NHS came from NHS Employers, a part of the NHS committed to human resources and staffing concerns.

“Beards, stubble and facial hair cause a common problem when using PPE face masks, as this can prevent the mask being able to seal to the face and passing the fit test,” said the guidance.

“Employers should explain their concerns to those staff required to use PPE and the risks associated with having facial hair and ask staff if they would be willing to be clean shaven to eliminate any risks “

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