Can You Get Double Edge Razor Blades At Boots?

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Boots is one of the UK’s go-to shops for all personal grooming needs. As such it is where many people go to find double edge razor blades.

However, when it comes to finding double edge razor blades in the UK you are better off going online. Check out some of my favorites here.

You would have thought that such a high street favorite would stock a range of a product as simple as safety razor blades. However, very few branches do. In my experience, it is quite common to find Boots stores near me that stock a little starter set of a plastic-handle safety razor and a pack of blades but it is much less common to find just the blades.

However it is perfectly possible to find Boots shops that do stock the blades and they tend to come at a very low price of around £2 – £2.50 for 10 blades. This is much easier in big branches rather than the many smaller shops found scattered across city centres.

But that requires a lot of searching around. When I do find them they can be out of stock and they don’t offer much in the way of choice. For instance, they don’t stock reliable favourites like Astra blades or Derby blades. Consider going online and bulk-buying safety razor blades to save time and money for a better quality of blade.

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