Is There A Merkur Straight Razor?

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You may be looking for a Merkur straight razor given the brand’s historic reputation with traditional shaving.

However, while Merkur is undoubtedly one of the best safety razor brands it does not manufacture straight razors. Nevertheless Merkur is owned by Dovo – a legendary shaving brand in itself that does offer straight razors. Therefore is you want a Merkur straight razor then its a Dovo you want.

Dovo offer a variety of straight razors from the most traditional Dovo Bismarck (review) to the original Shavette – a straight razor that uses disposable double edge safety razor blades so you don’t need to hone and strop it.

There are only a handful of straight razor makers left in Solingen and Dovo is one of them. Nevertheless they maintain their standards of world-leading razors. That said, the models under $100 do tend to have some quality control issues in some cases.

Another popular Solingen maker and one of the best straight razors is Boker. Alternatively and looking outside Solingen, Thiers Issard in France is another excellent maker of high quality straight razors you may also wish to consider. Both of these are historic knife and blade manufacturers, while Dovo is much more grooming-orientated through Merkur and also does a range of grooming and manicure kits.

But if it really is a Merkur razor you are looking for with that iconic helmeted hero logo, you have to stick with a safety razor.

We’ve written a detailed review of the best Merkur razors here to help you decide. Safety razors are much more straightforward than a straight razor and can save you a lot of time shaving.

On the other hand we know exactly why a straight razor has such appeal thanks to the big benefits of shaving with a straight razor.

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