Best Safety Razor Brands

best safety razor brands

While buying a product just because of the brand may seem shallow the best safety razor brands are worth considering. Safety razors are a popular choice of product to manufacture overseas and import to sell online at a much higher price. Sure, that’s classic business sense, but is it a risk you’re willing to take … Read more

Best Single Edge Razor And Blades

The best single edge razor can be much more forgiving to your skin than their double edge peers. With blades that are thicker and stiffer than that of a standard safety razor, you can unlock the closest experience to a straight razor shave without the hassle. Thick-bearded wet shavers are convinced in that these blades … Read more

Best Safety Razor: Expert Reviews

safety razor

Everyone needs a good razor and yet many people miss out discovering the best safety razor for a better, cheaper and more sustainable shave. These are the ultimate eco-friendly razors which are surprisingly easy to use, plus a single blade means a close shave with a much lower chance of irritation, ingrown hairs and razor … Read more

Best Safety Razor Blades: Best Double Edge Razor Blades

best safety razor blades

The joy of using a safety razor is that the best double edge razor blades are cheaper, more effective and more environmentally-friendly than plastic cartridge razors. Our best safety razor blades: Merkur safety razor blades – Premium German blades Derby safety razor blades – Cheap and comfortable Feather safety razor blades – Premium Japanese blades … Read more

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