Best Safety Razor Brands

best safety razor brands

While buying a product just because of the brand may seem shallow the best safety razor brands are worth considering. Safety razors are a popular choice of product to manufacture overseas and import to sell online at a much higher price. Sure, that’s classic business sense, but is it a risk you’re willing to take … Read more

Can You Bring a Safety Razor on a Plane?

One of the common questions with traditional shaving is can you bring a safety razor on a plane. It’s a good question given that safety razors are great for travelling thanks to a small size, no electricity needed, universal blades available all over the world, stylish safety razor travel cases and even designs made specifically … Read more

Best Safety Razor Blades: Best Double Edge Razor Blades

best safety razor blades

The joy of using a safety razor is that the best double edge razor blades are cheaper, more effective and more environmentally-friendly than plastic cartridge razors. Our best safety razor blades: Merkur safety razor blades – Premium German blades Derby safety razor blades – Cheap and comfortable Feather safety razor blades – Premium Japanese blades … Read more