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Beard Balm: What It Is And How To Use It

You’ve heard of beard oil but now get ready for beard balm. This beard product is closer to a pomade or moisturizer which makes it more suited to more controlled styling.

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What Is Beard Balm?

Imagine a spectrum of viscosity from beard oil to solid moustache wax. Balm is somewhere in the middle. It feels more like hair pomade and won’t run all over your hands and you only need to apply a pinch with your fingers. By the same token it won’t clog up your beard or hold it in any shapes.

What Does Beard Balm Do?

What it will do is tidy it up with a glossy coat, moisturizing both the beard and the skin underneath and taming stray hairs.

The Beard Balm Recipe

Like shave butter, the balm is made using natural butters (like shea, coconut and mango) and beeswax and less of the base oil used in beard oils – usually almond. The final main ingredient is scent oils which will vary based on the brand.

How To Use Beard Balm

The first step to using this magical product is to first find the best beard balm for you. This will depend on:

Ingredients – Most are made with allergies in mind but always check the label.

Price – You want to pay for the right product. Just because one make is expensive doesn’t make it the best.

Viscosity – Depending on your beard you may want a lighter or denser balm. If you already have quite a tamed beard and just want to try a step up from beard oil then a lighter balm won’t risk giving you too much hold. On the other hand, a thick and wiry beard you want to smarten up might take a firmer grip.

Scent – This is down to personal preference, aside from any scent oils that might give you an adverse reaction.

Brand – While this is probably the least important option you may start to favour a particular brand’s ethos or graphics – the beard equivalent of a Dapper Dan man! Part of this consideration is also location as there’s no need to ship from abroad when you can order locally.

Don’t Rub It In!

As for how to apply the balm, the best practice generally is to rub a small amount between your fingers and apply downwards to comb your beard into shape. Do this after a shower in the morning after you have towel-dried your beard so that it is damp but not wet. If you have washed your beard with shampoo then this is an ideal time to revive your beard with these natural oils.

You can also combine products for different purposes. Many moustache wearers prefer a mix of moustache waxes for the body and tips of handlebar moustaches. Similarly if you want most of your beard nice and silky then use a lighter balm and a heavier balm for any shaping closer to the ends.

As with all products like this try to make sure you only do the least amount of rubbing between your fingers to get an even spread, rather than falling for the classic mistake of rubbing furiously between the palms. All this does is waste the product by absorbing it into your hands rather than where it needs to be. This will also leave your hands feeling greasy – which will be a great nourishing hand cream but try to keep this particular balm for your beard.

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